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Friends request issue! | Forum

Michael Leader
Michael Aug 12 '10
I have noticed on my site I have a friend request pending but when I click on it, no one there to accept...
The little face top of the screen has a (1) in it.

I have never received notification for it but did receive for another.
Itr was originally (2) so I went to accept both but there was only one there. I accepted it, and it dropped to (1).

Any ideas how to clear this?
Is there a table in the db I can interrogate?
Michael Leader
Michael Aug 13 '10
This has happened to another user also.
Michael Leader
Michael Aug 13 '10
I have noticed in the DB there are 7 pending requests from userId "0"
My admin acc is ID 1 and I am ID2.
I have no idea how this happened!!!
Can I just delete the rows or can a script be made, select from table user id 0, delete
or whatever the sql command is???
Den Team
Den Aug 13 '10
Seems this is a bug. Would you provide me some info:
1) How did you send friend requests? Via "Profile view" page?
2) From what to what profiles you did it?

You can simply remove this requests from DB. But this is wrong situation, when friend requests were added with userId 0. We will try to find out this bug.

Thanks for report MichaelK.
Michael Leader
Michael Aug 13 '10
These were requests FROM Id0 to myself and others! Friend requests work fine, it just seems that yesterday at an unknown time (unless you have a timesstamp somewhere) the req from Id0 occurred.

Not only my account (set as moderator) but other "normal" users experience this also.

I will not remove the db entries right now in case it can lead to other discoveries.

I will certainly look elsewhere in the db if you like if you just point me.
Den Team
Den Aug 17 '10
Good news MichaelK, we have already updated Friends plugins with this bugfix on our store. So, all you need to do is update your Friends plugin via Admin Panel->Available Plugins->Friends->Update. Follow the update instructions.

Thank you for feedback and reporting!