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Swapping out the heart - Simplicity | Forum

Tom Oct 15 '15
I made my own .svg files and have been replacing them in the .../ow_static/themes/simplicity/images location, but when ever I upgrade a plugin or clear the cache the file defaults back to the regular .svg heart shape. How can i set this up so I don't have to keep manually setting this everytime I do an update?
Tom Oct 16 '15

Quote from OW Visuals
It is because you need to put your image in to the ow_themes/your_theme/images folder


David Oct 17 '15
Hate the heart.  Really. Hate. That. Heart.   Great theme, but I'm not running a chick site.
Tom Oct 18 '15
David, how I changed it was I downloaded the current .svg loaded it into Ai saved it as an Ai file then loaded that into photoshop. Once there I made my own, saved as PSD, loaded that into Ai, then exported it as .svg again. Then upload to server.

Yea, the heart was a really an odd choice for a icon. I replaced mine with a check mark and a thumbs up icon.

The default theme I will say has gotten a lot better then the original one. My only other gripe is that it's not a true responsive theme, I hope they fix this in the future.

Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Nov 10 '15
I got mine changed to the thumbs up "like" using simple line icons. I edited it using inkscape. Inkscape is a freeware available on cnet downloads. They also have a site with lots of info. I would attach the file I created, but it doesn't allow .svg attachments.
Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Nov 10 '15
Since I can't attatch my svg file. Here is a detail step by step on how I did mine. with a screenshot of how they look. The icon image screenshot was where I was preparing them for the venus theme.
You will need to replace the file on each theme update. I couldn't find any way of doing this through custom css in the admin panel. There may be some script dependencies that are specifically calling for the miniic_set.svg file.
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  Changing the heart.txt (3Kb)
  Icon change.jpg (84Kb)
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