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Ole Rasmussen
Ole Rasmussen Nov 30 '15
When you click on an image in Newsfeed or in photo albums, the image opens in some "lightbox" that's very nice. In that "Lightbox" there is a button to show the image in full screen but that again opens the image in another "Lightbox". How do I get that button to open the image in a new window and only the image, not in a lightbox.

Marcel Nov 30 '15
I think here image.html

{if !empty($vars.status)}<div class="ow_newsfeed_body_status ow_smallmargin">{$vars.status|more:300}</div>{/if}

<div class="ow_newsfeed_large_image clearfix">
    <div class="ow_newsfeed_item_picture">
        <a {if empty($vars.url)}href="{$vars.image}" onclick="OW.showImageInFloatBox(this.href); return false;"{else}href="{$vars.url}"{/if}>
            <img src="{$vars.image}"{if !empty($vars.class)} class="{$vars.class}"{/if}></a>
Ole Rasmussen
Ole Rasmussen Dec 1 '15
well that didn't help me any :-/ I'm not a programmer so a more detailed ansver would be appreciated :-)

Thank's anyway, maybe someone else can step in and help :-)

Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Dec 2 '15
The full screen button doesn't open the image in another lightbox, or rather a floatbox, but it is a script that activates the browsers native full screen, and expands the current view. fullscreen is used by several media sources like youtube for one. Everything you see with a fullscreen button uses it. There are a few different flavors out there, but for the most part they all do the same thing. Unfortunately; what you are wanting to achieve would require some serious code modification that would involve the Oxwall core. The only way to do that would be to hire a good programmer.