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letter to oxwall | Forum

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tammy harris
tammy harris Jan 2 '16
this is yet another letter to oxwall moderators 

when are you going to get of your ass and do something about younett

i have spent weeks on getting there shit plugins to work

please read this forum


you can test the dam plugin on my site 


after fix all the problems to get approval by facebook

the plugin does not import albums

it stuffs with album names on import a single photo

it stuffs up newsfeed on it post that a photos has been added 

tammy harris
tammy harris Jan 2 '16
and if you go to there test site they are running a different version that does not post to newsfeed 

please get off your asses and do something about this bunch of scammers

3 bloody years now you have let ppl be scammed by them 
tammy harris
tammy harris Jan 2 '16
on import 2 or more photos it breaks newsfeed
theres something wrong this peace of code

$albumName = UTIL_String::truncate(strip_tags($album->name), 25, '...');


    if ( $diff )


    $title = OW::getLanguage()->text('photo', 'feed_multiple_descriptions',

    array('number' => $movedCount, 'albumUrl' => $albumUrl, 'albumName' => $albumName)





    $title = UTIL_String::truncate(strip_tags($description), 100, '...');



    $event = new OW_Event('feed.action', array(

    'pluginKey' => 'photo',

    'entityType' => 'multiple_photo_upload',

    'entityId' => $photos[0]->id,

    'userId' => $userId

    ), array(

    'string' => $title,

    'features' => array('likes'),

    'content' => $content,

    'view' => array('iconClass' => 'ow_ic_picture')