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SEO URLs - Articles | Forum

Tecca Jan 10 '16
Hey there,

This is almost the same as your blogs plugin, so should be a fairly quick fix (you've done it already for that plugin): http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/42737

The URLs are inconsistent and can be accessed through:


The first one (with key words from the title) is desired and should be the default. Fixing the links in the widgets, user profile, and articles/user/USERNAME to point to the first one should be good enough, but the best solution is to either redirect everything to the first one or even just add rel="canonical" that points to the first one -- so access to the other ones won't be flagged as duplicate if they point to the first one canonically.

I noticed your blogs plugin redirects the other links, this is perfect for the articles plugin as well.
The Forum post is edited by Tecca Jan 10 '16
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd
Thank you for your report, we will check then correcting it soon.
Cool Man
Cool Man Jan 23 '16
how do i see articles?  can't see anything not even from the world-wide


Tecca May 25 '16
Any ETA on when this might be done?
Tecca May 26 '16
The Advanced Blogs plugin was updated, but the Articles plugin hasn't been updated since October.

It doesn't redirect on your demo: http://owdemo.idragonsolution.com/articles/article/31/

But the blogs plugin does: http://owdemo.idragonsolution.com/blogs/post/28/
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd
Let us check again on it.
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd
Opps, It has been fixed, but we forgot to upload it to store and demo site. 

So it's now on both store and demo site. Please check.

Tecca May 26 '16
Great, thanks! Will update tomorrow.
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