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1.8.1 problem - Private Albums | Forum

Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Jan 16 '16
When clicking to open an album I get an internal server error.

Error details: Type: Exception Message: Syntax error in template "file:/home/dgbeard/public_html/mysite/oxwall/ow_plugins/privatealbums/views/controllers/show_album.html" on line 82 "pics = [{foreach name='pictures' from=$pics item='pic'}{$pic.id}{if !$smarty.foreach.foreachname.pictures.last},{/if}{/foreach}];" missing or illegal $smarty.foreach property attribute File: /home/dgbeard/public_html/mysite/oxwall/ow_libraries/vendor/smarty/smarty/libs/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php
Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Jan 16 '16
Looks like it's just with the show album for now. I can create an album, and upload pics. Just can open an album without getting the error.
Mike Jan 16 '16

Hey Darrel,

there is an update for it but I didn't have time for uploading yet.

maybe in a few hours or tomorrow.


Fennec Jan 16 '16
go to: /{yoursite}/oxwall/ow_plugins/privatealbums/views/controllers/show_album.html


"pics = [{foreach name='pictures' from=$pics item='pic'}{$pic.id}{if !$smarty.foreach.foreachname.pictures.last},{/if}{/foreach}];"

replace with:

pics = [{foreach name='pictures' from=$pics item='pic'}{$pic.id}{if not $smarty.foreach.pictures.last},{/if}{/foreach}];

clear template cache...

The Forum post is edited by Fennec Jan 16 '16
Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Jan 16 '16
That works. I just have the update on my test site right now. Waiting to do the live site.
Mike Jan 17 '16

Hey Fennec,

thanks for your help.

The Update is now uploaded (Version 30).


Fennec Jan 17 '16
welcome :)
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