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Unknown Problem | Forum

Purusothaman Ramanujam
My client is facing an issue from yesterday night on their oxwall site. It is deployed in Amazon cloud.

Suddenly the site is showing the installation page http://www.site.com/install

During this time I am unable to login to phpMyAdmin. so I figured that MySQL server is down.

When I restart the server using SSH, site displays as normal. This has happened 4 times in a day.

Any thoughts? Am I missing anyting in my Amazon setup?
Mark May 28 '12
It looks like there is a problem with your mysql server, what have amazon said about this?

any server error logs?

Purusothaman Ramanujam
I am yet to contact Amazon.

Where can I find mysql error logs? Or you mean error_log file?
Mark May 29 '12
it depends on where your mysql files are and where your my.cnf files tells the error logs to be written. (it varies by server) amazon should know, or you can search google for default locations based on your operating system
Purusothaman Ramanujam
I contacted AWS forum support and they were saying that my site was using 100% CPU utilization. They say that Micro instances are not good for a website when traffic is higher and it is inconsistent. I also checked that my instance was 100% occupied most of the time in a day.

So I changed the instance type to small from micro using the service provided by skeddly.com.
Michael I.
Michael I. May 31 '12
So you managed to solve the issue, right?
Purusothaman Ramanujam
Yes. The issue was solved after making the micro instance as a small instance.

Before this the traffic to the site was 100% all the time, so it caused the server to go down.