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Question to site owners from this plugin developer - Mochi Games for Oxwall | Forum

Zaph Jan 27 '16

I have an idea to the Games plugin and would like to know your opinion about new feature. Will it be in demand on your sites.

With new update Games plugin allows other users to upload their own games.

And Admin can allow it with the User Role or set the price with User Credits plugin.

I would like to add an option for Admin that will return some percent of credits to the user that submitted the game from each game play by others. And if the game is popular it will motivate users to fill the site with new interesting content.


Upload game costs 100 credits for author

Play game costs 10 credits for player

When the option is activated "author" of the game will receive 2 credits from each game play

What would you say?

The second question is would you like to have a Shoutbox plugin on the game page? So users could have a discussion in real time?

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tammy harris
tammy harris Jan 28 '16
the shout box would be super cool

a credit system like that will be ok for some but would need to be able to turn it off as well 

and just be able to set a roll that can add games  
and roll set by payed membership plugin 

 i would like to see in the plugin is a set up like the old api plugin 
so that big games can use it to integrate there game into the plugin 
so the game is hosted and run on there game server 
but can be played through the games pages and the game server can push notifications, scores newsfeed posts etc  

Zaph Jan 28 '16
thanks for your answer,

The role action are already exist now and you can set it to the users.

About notifications and scores I think about it too, but there is no any unique api as it was in Mochimedia with their games.
Every game provider has it's own api and approach. 
Also I've prepared a script when users can submit their score manually, if it will be good and convenient it can help make games more interesting

tammy harris
tammy harris Jan 28 '16
the old api plugin  i am talking about is not for pulling info to oxwall like moshigames did
but to push info to oxwall

like candycrush on facebook 

its was a api inteface with key and secret  to allow apps to get pusshed to oxwall in the same way candycrush pushes to facebook

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tammy harris
tammy harris Jan 28 '16
game thumbs need alt tags
same as the images posted to newsfeed on some one play a game 

another thing in games upload can you remove the size width hight and just use css like

game{    width: 100%;}
so games show up correct on all screen sizes and themes

also unity games play on mobiles is there anything in the road map to make a mobile games page for unity games ??

this free games script has many cool features

Current game feeds now available via admin dashboard
1. Arcade Game Feed
2. Free Online Games
3. Kongregate
4. Flash Game Distribution
5. Mochi Game feed

these are cool widgets 
and a good search
embed code to emebed on other sites
play games full screen
RSS feeds

queue games from feeds for scheduled automated install and manage queue

 check for broken games

member game uploads 

here is a demo of it looks so cool 

hmmmmmmm thinking about it maybe 
it would be easier making a bridge from that script to oxwall
it has a template system so would be easy to cut a template of unwanted things 
then they do all the game feed updates etc lol

RRandom Gamesandom Games

The Forum post is edited by tammy harris Jan 28 '16
Anitaku Jan 28 '16
My site doesn't use any credit system so I would like a way to turn that part off if it is added. :) 

Love the api idea of Tammy's. +1

And mobile game +1

It would be cool if when users add their top score, they can upload a screenshot as proof. You can view this screenshot by clicking the name or score in the widget which pops the image up. (Just an idea) 

Elvis Feb 4 '16

is there any way to make members pay to add games?

I look into user credits bur there's only a option to pay to play games.

Simone Feb 12 '16

is it possible to view game's image thumb on newsfeed instead of game's description?

thank you

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