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Akeem Jan 30 '16
is there a way to apply a sign logo or image with this theme? ive tried the Css list here but to no avail

.ow_page_wrap .ow_sign_in_cont {
background: url('images/signinimage.jpg'); /** OW_Control type:image, key:signInbackgroundImage, section: 1. General Settings, label: Sign in page background image **/
background-position: center center;
background-repeat: no-repeat;

Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Jan 31 '16
You can use the h2 tag that displays the site name. set the font-size to 0px, and add your background image, and it's supporting css.

For example. This is what I would use on the Simplicity theme. Of course this is just an example to put you on the right track.

.ow.base_sign_in .ow_sign_in_wrap h2 {
    font-size: 0px; "This will basically hide the text"
    background-image:url("your image");
    background-size: contain;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    height: logo height;
    width: logo width;
ross Team
ross Jan 31 '16
Topic was moved from General Questions.
JOHN Mar 30 '16
Problems with "Facebook Redesigned - Responsive Theme"

I can not install the thema indicated. I tried automatically and manually. These are the problems:

For automatic form:
I have introduced the attributes of FTP, but ask me authentication attributes FTP. This part I do not understand very well

For manually:
Using FileZilla, but to activate the license thema asks me, I write the license but neither recognizes (enter a valid license).

What to do?

Please help

Thank you very much
Akeem Mar 31 '16
Ok it's quite simple really.. first forget filezilla and or any type of third party FTP sortware. What you need to do is set up your FTP account on your server via c-panel. Then plug those atributes in and you will have access to do what you need. Ox wall asked for 3 forms of infor leave local host blank, and sign in with your e mail and pass word(the one you asigned through c panel) and that should take care of it all
JOHN Mar 31 '16

Thank you very much Akeem.

If not a nuisance, you could itemize your comment a little more?

Once again, thank you very much

Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Apr 2 '16
Assuming you downloaded the theme to you computer.
When you add a theme, or plugin, from the admin panel.
1. Click on the "add new" button.
2. A window will come up to browse for the file to be uploaded. This should be the original zip file.
3. Once the file is selected an "ftp credentials" window will open. This is where you will enter your cpanel login. Leave the host as "localhost". Just enter you username, and password.
4. A license key window may pop up for paid plugins, or themes. The license key can be found by going to "My purchases" in the Oxwall store. Copy, and paste the license key into the field, and continue.
5. After this the theme should upload to you server, and show in you available themes list.