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Simplicity Background Colour | Forum

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lockey Feb 4 '16
Hi all, 

I have recently been forced into using Simplicity, due to adding a script inside the 3rd colum on, Facebook Dark, that blocks you from logging in, and re-editing anything inside the widgits on the home page. Major Bummer !! 

Luckerly for me, Simplicity only uses 2 colums on the home page for placing your widgits, and the 3rd colum that i cocked up isnt displayed or read, so i can actually use my site :) Good Times.

My boggle is this.......

I have changed the background and fonts ect ect to what is required..... for the most part. alot of pages have updated and its all gravy, but on some of pages like .... Videos , The Forum, and Members look like they are in a badly slapped on iFrame. In essance there is still a part of these pages that has the wong background colour.
Can anyone help me out and tell me how to change this please.

Thanks in advance 

Kind Regards 


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Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Feb 4 '16
There should be a page background color setting in the Simplicity customization settings.

admin panel/appearance/customize

Unless you are referring to the elements on the page. They are separate from the page background color. If that's the case you can use inspect element to find the element, and set a color for it in the custom css. The element will most likely be showing a background color of #fff.
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Kяuncн Leader
Kяuncн Feb 4 '16
Not sure which your speaking either .body or .ow_bg_color, either way by default they would both be as follows:

base.css - line 259
.ow_bg_color {
background-color: #fff}

base.css - line 93
.body {
background-color: #fff}
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Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Feb 4 '16
Hey Krunch. I'm thinking lockey may be talking about the item wraps created by the plugins on the pages he mentioned. The background color setting in the admin panel works fine for changing the page background color, but the background of the table background remains white. I changed mine by setting a background color on the following css. Of course, I think there are other table elements to address, but this will do those. Other pages use this as well. Basically any page that has a table like member search, and add event. This can be added to the custom css in the admin panel.

.ow_alt1, tr.ow_alt1 td {

    background-color: some color;


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lockey Feb 5 '16
Yes, Darryl i think you understand what im trying to articulate,

Please see the example at http://ravespace.co.uk/video  

transparent may be the way to go , then maybe it would pick up the colour of the site no matter what theme i use ?

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Kяuncн Leader
Kяuncн Feb 5 '16
Or if you want to leave those sets of alt as they are and create/Apply a totally different color than the other pages?

.ow_video_list .ow_alt1, .ow_video_list .ow_alt2, .ow_user_list .ow_alt1, .ow_user_list .ow_alt2, .ow_photo_list .ow_alt1, .ow_photo_list .ow_alt2 {
background-color: gray}

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Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Feb 5 '16
Sure. transparent is always in the mix.  rgba colors are also a consideration. If you're not familiar with rgba colors. They are essentially rgb colors with an alpha channel at the end where you can set opacity of the color. Good for adding a mild background if you need to make the text a bit more legible. here's an example of an rgba color

background-color: rgba (0,0,0,0.1);

This is a black background with the opacity setting of 0.1.

Krunch also makes a good point to target the list elements.
lockey Feb 10 '16
Thank you both, i will have a go at implermenting this over the weekend.