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tammy harris
tammy harris Feb 9 '16
why is this dev allowed to keep put new plugins in the store when he has some like

that never worked from the day it was put in the store and never should of been approved to go in the store 

come on every where you look here is a mess 

ross you need to get this through there heads 

stop developing new half done stuff that just adds to the plie of stuff that dont work
and clean the mess up
ross Team
ross Feb 9 '16
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tammy harris
tammy harris Feb 9 '16
i got my friend yesterday who uses wordpress and has never used oxwall before
i asked him to spend 30 minutes and look over oxwall 

his reply was

Tammy i have not used oxwall before but i will have a look for you

I am a member of a lot of developer sites and forums 
i have read a lot of bad things about oxwall so never bothered to even look at it 

I would not go near that script 
everywhere you look every plugin, every forum is something basic that should work
but does not.

Theres next to no development documentation, and from what i can see no help at all in the forum.

Theres no guidelines or policy on anything, developers are not policed in any way and can do what they like, and get away with it.

oxwall is a joke  and when you read bad things about something its normally only 50%
but in this case  its 200% true      
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