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Adsense Code In Custom HTML Widget | Forum

Mark Jun 1 '12
Whether you post adsense code inside a custom HTML widget it stops all other javascript code from working.

If the adsense code is hard-coded into the template then all works fine.

In firebug the only error i see is in ow.js

url is undefined
if ( url.indexOf("?") != -1)
This has been tested by using the default Graphite theme (re-downloaded a fresh copy) and has been tested with all plugins enabled and then all plugins disabled (minus newsfeed).

Joseph Jun 1 '12
same issue I was having mark when I said if I put a ad on my side bar and I still have this issue it was never resolved even though it does not effect everyone the same there seems to be a point at which this bug shows its ugly face
Mark Jun 1 '12
yeh im going to do some further testing on it, my modified ow.js fixes post of the javascript problems that members have experienced, however i wanna tackle the problem head on now.

I remember someone mentioning that the adsense code was causing a bug and it was being looked into however i could not find the thread.

the weird part is it only happens when the code is wrapped inside a custom HTML widget, if its hard-coded via a template or view file it seems to work fine.


This stops the invite pop-up from working in groups too.

It also stops any widgets settings (by clicking on the cog) from opening

The Forum post is edited by Mark Jun 1 '12
Michael I.
Michael I. Jun 4 '12
This issue will be fixed in the upcoming update.