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***Changelog*** - OF Counter | Forum

Sean Feb 19 '16


- Various optimisations and small bug fixes

- When someone comments on a photo, the photo will appear in the push notification (only Chrome supports this on Windows or Android)


- Added menu item to the preferences menu

- Added ability to change the text for the welcome notification and the prompt modal


- Updated the set up guide


- There is new component which displays a checkbox allowing users to subscribe or unsubscribe. This can be placed on any page or component to replace the red bell.

- There is now an option to turn the red subscription bell off.

- There is now an option to turn off auto registering people for push notifications.

- The console will no longer display debugging messages, it will only display messages if there is an error.

To place the new component for subscribing and unsubscribing you can use these two methods:

Method 1 in the controller/component php file:

$this->addComponent('subscribeButton', new OFCOUTNER_CMP_SubscribeButton);

Method 2 in the SMARTY template file

{component class='OFCOUNTER_CMP_SubscribeButton'}


- Users now get a notification when they are invited to a group.

- Users now get a notification when a friend request is received.

- If a user has opted to not receive a notification for a type of action they will no longer get a push notification for it.


- Fixed error that told people there was an update when there was not.

- Added in some additional debugging code to help if people have problems.


- Updated the installation guide with the new OneSignal setup

- Changed behaviour so that when a user logs into a device that already has an active subscription the subscription is updated with the newest logged in user.

**This is an interim period to update the installation guide for new users, a larger one with more features is coming soon**


- Added option to put subscription button on the left

- Fixed friend request notification message

- Added option to only send push messages when user is logged out


- Added in language keys for the red susbscribe button

- Added in notification when friend request is accepted

- Changed language keys and added some images to help with setup


- The plugin now uses GCM and Onesignal to send push messages to devices

- Chrome on Android is now supported

- You can send a message to all subscribed users via the admin screen


- Fixed auto upgrade issue

- Added notice to Admin settings about feature support


- Added in support for mobile sites

- Added version numbers to JS to avoid caching of old files


- Add an option for sound

- Add option to vibrate

- Show preview of image if one has been uploaded

- Move settings page to Admin area

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