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remember me | Forum

tammy harris
tammy harris Feb 27 '16
the remember me does not work
tick the box but every day need re put in user and pass 
ross Team
ross Mar 7 '16
thanks for the report,  we were able to reproduce the issue, passed it to our devs, it will be fixed in the nearest future. 
Saqib Karim
Saqib Karim Dec 27 '16
Any update on this one? I don't use Facebook connect on my page, only oxwall login. Users are complaining that even when remember me is selected, they are directed to login within hours of the last login.
dave Leader
dave Jan 5 '17
I have never had an issue with this, i sometimes leave mine signed on all night and it does not log me off.  It could be some server setting as well outside of Oxwall. 
Saqib Karim
Saqib Karim Jan 7 '17
dave, the issue is with logging in from different devices with same ID. If you only login from one device, it works fine. This was discussed here. So, a problem, but an explainable one.


dave Leader
dave Jan 7 '17
Thanks for the clarification. 
dave Leader
dave Jan 7 '17
As i understand the issue now, i don't see this changing any time soon.  Being logged into multiple devices at one time is a huge security issue in so many ways.  Although it seen as convenience by the user, some conveniences just cant be accomplished so easily.  

There would need to major changes in the way the token is handled, possibly even multiple tokens and then on top of that possibly a mandatory dual authorization logic put in place to be sure someone is not in another location using a parallel login hack.  

There are implications and security issues involved here that are far more important than a mild inconvenience to a user.  Just log out and log back in, or log out and log into your other device which will log you out of the first one.  Its really not that big of a deal IMO. 

The Forum post is edited by dave Jan 7 '17