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I want Newsfeed (and only Newsfeed) to Automatically Delete Post after 4 days | Forum

Paul Towery
Paul Towery Mar 10 '16
Can someone tell me, is this possible for the Newsfeed to Auto delete post after so many days or weeks. Is there a Solution or modification for this. I am running 1.8.1 .
Paul Towery
Paul Towery Mar 14 '16
I guess i need to bait my hook again, is there a DEVELOPER that can do this or knows someone that can do this.
tammy harris
tammy harris Mar 16 '16
there was a post on this long time ago and i think tassia answered it 
some where in newsfeed plugin you can change a value from 3 months to what u want 
just cant remember what or how
Paul Towery
Paul Towery Mar 16 '16
i looked around on the forum, but i could not find anything. I really don't know how anybody finds anything posted on this forum. Thanks for your reply Tammy....nobody else gave me the time of day here.
David Bradshaw
David Bradshaw Apr 2 '16
The fact that there is no easy way to delete old blogs, newsfeeds etc... is very poor. I understand that oxwall is a volunteer system but there can't be many working on it because so many obvious requirements such as bootstrapping,and the above have not been tackled.