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Sean Mar 25 '16
If you would like your own plugin to send push notifications to users then you simply have to bind to the following event:


The parameters that you need to send to the event as as follows:

userId - The user Id of the person to send the notification to

content - The actual message content

Here is a working example:

$notification = new OW_Event('pushnotifications.send_notification', array(

'userId'=> 300,

'content'=> 'This is a message')




If you do not want to use the built in OneSignal red bell to allow users to subscribe and unsubscribe from push notifications you can use our built in checkbox. To place the component for subscribing and unsubscribing you can use these two methods:

Method 1 in the controller/component php file:

$this->addComponent('subscribeButton', new OFCOUTNER_CMP_SubscribeButton);

Method 2 in the SMARTY template file

{component class='OFCOUNTER_CMP_SubscribeButton'}

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ben Jun 11 '17
do you mean i dont need one signal account anymore?
Sean Jun 11 '17
Yes you still need onesignal.

This information is detailing information on how to get other plugins on your site to send notifications through onesignal and also how to add a custom subscribe button.

Henry Rodriguez
Henry Rodriguez Aug 24 '17
Hello. I just purchased your PUSH NOTIFICATIONS PLUGIN. I need to use it in my self-hosted Oxwall. Can you please tell me how to proceed with settings?


Sean Aug 24 '17

A full guide on how to set up the plugin is provided in the plugin settings screen.

Thank you.

samba thibo
samba thibo Nov 2 '17
Hi There,

Do you have any solution to make the plugin works with both iOS and Android?

Probably using the google platform: https://firebase.google.com/docs/cloud-messaging/

Let me know!


Sean Nov 2 '17
Sorry, but no I do not currently plan to support that. I am only one person and just supporting webpush is enough.
samba thibo
samba thibo Nov 13 '17
Hi Sean,

Thank for replying s quickly!
I have created an iOS app that wrap up the oxwall website. I was able to send notification, from OneSignal to my iOS app.

I have purchased your plugin in order to "transform" webpush into mobile app push.

Is it something doable easily? What's your opinion?



Sean Nov 14 '17

I think some people have done it, but I do not know how. 

As stated this is made for Web push only. Unfortunately I do not support any other implementation that people may wish to use. 

Onur Dec 2 '17
Hello, for my android application i instaled onesign push notifications. i actived on setting android.

İ sent test message. it is working. i saw it on my telefon android. but when peoples send "friend request" or when someone is send message. it is not appear on android notification? 

why do you think like that?

Sean Dec 2 '17
I don't know, but this plugin is for Web Push only. If you are using it with an android application it may not work correctly and I'm afraid I do not offer support for that.

Please clarify what you mean. If you can PM me a screenshot of you application settings in onesignal that would help. 

Thank you

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Barrington Feb 26 '18
Will not work even after platform has been updated from SkaDate.
Is there way to resolve this problem ?
Sean Feb 27 '18
You'll have to be more specific...

What doesn't work?

What are you trying to do?

Do you get any errors?

Can you provide a screenshot?

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