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Oxwall Community - Plugin Integration Gold Standards | Forum

matt Apr 17 '16
This checklist states core integration's that the Oxwall community see's as providing a Gold Standard Quality of plugin development.

Obviously plugins vary in functionality - and some of the following list might not apply to all plugins.

I will suggest that plugin developers who meet these standards, or can explain why a particular integration standard does not apply to their plugin can:

....then display in it's description that it meets the 'Community - Plugin Integration Gold Standards' - with a link back to this thread, so potential customers can check for themselves.

1. Newsfeed integration - The plugins posts to the oxwall newsfeeds

2. Mail notifications - The plugin sends mail notification of key events to users. Users can choose to receive, or not, such notifications, via the 'Mail Notifications' panel.

3. Quick Links - The plugin adds an item to the 'Quick Links' widget, on the users dashboard. Linking to the plugin, and displaying a count of items that the user has contributed.

4. Add New - The plugin has a link in the 'Add New' widget, so that users can quickly contribute using the plugin. 

5. Listing Widget - The plugin provides a widget which details the sitewide or user contributed items (as appropriate) the admin can configure and place the widget on the index, dashboard or profile pages, as appropriate.


Please suggest further additions to this checklist, or discuss those already listed.

The Forum post is edited by matt Apr 17 '16
dave Apr 18 '16
Have to noodle over this a bit matt but i like the idea very much.. :)
Anitaku Apr 18 '16
I like this. +1 

Subbing to posts. Will give it some thought. 

JB TECH May 14 '16
I like the idea matt, my only problem with it is depending on the type of plugin, it won't be needing to use certain core functions like widgets or 'add new' or newsfeed integration; so this list would ultimately create an exclusive category of plugins that do similar things with the core.

I think standards should be based on

-Does it work out of box (no additional files needed)
-Does it interfere with other plugins/themes? (we don't want it doing that!)
-Does it meet the recommended structure standards (MVC model, code structure)

All relatively meta things which I think would be good checks. I was going to include "is it mobile-ready?" but that'd be defeating my own purpose lol :)