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Bug report ! - Match Responsive Landing Premium | Forum

Sprintally® May 19 '16
we can fix any bug so feel free to write us a private message for any kind of bug report .
Vladimir Bach
Vladimir Bach Jul 26 '16
I think the navigation needs a little work for mobile, but otherwise this is the best looking theme in the store in my opinion. 
Sprintally® Jul 26 '16
thanks for feedback we will improve it on next update soon . please share a screenshot by private message .
Vladimir Bach
Vladimir Bach Jul 27 '16
I already made some changes on my theme so I no longer have this problem as I changed the viewport settings.

However I can try to describe what I mean. When on mobile when you open the navigation bar you can't scroll down far enough to see all the navigation links, or the navigation doesn't scroll itself allowing you to see all the nav links. 

Perhaps adding some kind of overflow scroll to the mobile navigation could fix this minor bug. Though I haven't updated to the newest version yet, I just finished working on the theme before the new oxwall update so I am waiting a bit for my members. Don't wanna have to do it all again as I have to do sometimes on theme or platform updates.

David Aug 8 '16
Bug in new update (27th July) with newsfeed, only with Firefox (no problem with IE)

Time icon is not aligned.

The Forum post is edited by David Aug 8 '16
  c0a5dea3c51a4e929be66ed7af4d7ed8.png (10Kb)
Sprintally® Aug 8 '16
Hello , Thanks for the report can you please specify it is happening at how much pixel of device width in Mozilla . 
Sprintally® Aug 9 '16
David we have just fixed the error and updated the theme .

here is a screenshot from Mozilla browser .


David Aug 10 '16
Works now with Mozilla Firefox ;-) Thanks
Moni Aug 14 '16
the buttons  in in admin costumize area are not working. If click on them they are not working. Also the icon navigation there should open up but they dont. I activated and tried it with another theme and there its working. Only with that theme its not working.
Sprintally® Aug 15 '16
theme has updated , no no bug . issues has fixed . " https://developers.oxwall.com/forum/topic/49318 "

Jimmy Aug 17 '17
Hello I have a big worries impossible to put a suitable size to the logo of my site. Can you help me if you have an idea? Thank you very much Jimmy
Sprintally® Aug 17 '17
ok wait .. I'm responding to the private message.
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