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404 while .htaccess enabled, mod_rewrite is on | Forum

Jayme Jun 29 '12

I've got a fresh 1.4.0 installation here:  http://jaymehunt.com/trades

Currently, the .htaccess file is renamed to x.htaccess so the index.php file loads up.  However, when I do enable it (it's the standard one that installed, no alterations at all), I get a 404 error for the whole site.

After going through the forums, I've checked with my hosting company to ensure compliance with server settings (see attached pdf file for *all* settings, as provided to me from my host).  Mod_rewrite is enabled; I had them check that particular setting specifically just moments ago.

I am a newbie to Oxwall, I'll admit, but I'm familiar with Oracle and databases.  PHP is not something I'm real great at, but I can step through what's going on with a road map.  There doesn't seem to be one of those for Oxwall, even with all the great help on the forums!  Perhaps I'll create one as I learn.

Update:  I did just try to add RewriteBase /to the .htaccess file and still get the same problem.  Whenever I go out to my site with .htaccess enabled, I get redirected here: http://redirect.main-hosting.com/error404.php/7

Update2: I've tried logging in as admin (the only user) and the site just spins.

Thanks for any assistance!


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  host settings.pdf (360.68Kb)
Blaine Jun 29 '12
i have almost the same problem with still no solutions
Jayme Jun 30 '12

No one has any ideas on this??

Michael I.
Michael I. Jul 1 '12
Jayme, PM me your FTP, phpMyAdmin and Admin Area access details and we'll check into your request with our developers.
Jayme Jul 1 '12
Fantastic!  Thank you!
Jayme Jul 3 '12
Any news on this front?  I have about 70 families ready to trade art with each other as soon as there's a solution!  :)


The Forum post is edited by Jayme Jul 3 '12