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Widget: registration | Forum

fiamma Jun 30 '16
Hi all,

when a custom widget ha been created, in the following phase "Adding a widget" (from tutorial  ):


$widgetService = BOL_ComponentAdminService::getInstance();   $widget = $widgetService->addWidget('BASE_CMP_CustomHtml', true); // Register the widget. The first parameter is the name of the widget class. The second parameter stands for whether the widget can be cloned, or may have only one sample on the page\\ $widgetPlace = $widgetService->addWidgetToPlace($widget, BOL_ComponentService::PLACE_DASHBOARD); // Add the widget to the page ...


How  can i check if my widget has been create? Is table  in oxwall database where i can check created widgets?

(My problem: an easy widget has been created, but  not class found raised in exception :-( )

Thanks in advance,


dave Leader
dave Jun 30 '16
check both tables



dave Leader
dave Jun 30 '16
also if you are getting a class error then it is an issue with your class name and they way you did it.  Remember class names have their own style with upper and lower case. 
ross Team
ross Jul 11 '16
Topic was moved from General Questions.
sfa gsdf
sfa gsdf Mar 6 '23
As a ways as i understand there is no widget or snippet for including custom like buttons. From what i have visible to this point it would be a custom coding process to do this or a plugin installed on topseokit.  I become not capable of find a plugin to do this both going from the plugin descriptions.
tom curry
tom curry Apr 3 '23

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