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Connecting websites. | Forum

Rob Jul 15 '16
Is there a possibility of linking websites Oxwall community software . So that members login on one website, but also through a link can acces the other.?
Bob (Coder Whacker)
Bob (Coder Whacker) Jul 15 '16

dave Leader
dave Jul 15 '16
If you are talking about side by side interaction then that might take a massive amount of custom coding to do a bridge like that.  

If you are only talking about an access point such as login with a link to another oxwall site then that is not as much work but i wonder why you would need that. What is your idea and the end gain?

dave Leader
dave Jul 16 '16
Are both of these new sites, i mean fresh installs.. if so you could create a api in order to help establish a "SSO" Single Sign On but they have to be new sites so you could start at the beginning.  

What happens is that when a user registers on one site the information is passed via api to the other site and stored.  This would have to include registration, user profile changes, user password changes, user email changes.  

Plus you would have to either decide which site would be the primary passer of data or you would have to go back and forth both ways passing data between them.  It could become quite a headache and quite a time management challenge to do this for a number of reasons.  The actual gain you get may not be worth the upkeep and challenge in the end. Especially if Oxwall changes process then youll have to do more coding to include those changes in your api.  

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Bob (Coder Whacker)
Bob (Coder Whacker) Jul 17 '16
The guest user options allow guests to read forums and blogs etc. A site I run operates on that principle I am not concerned in membership. People can join if they so wish. I use Facebook to attract them on to my site from my Facebook groups. I am only interested in people that want to write blogs to join. So you can uses your sites for guest to seek information as I do. .   
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ross Team
ross Jul 17 '16
Yes, Dave is right, to make a one login systems for several sites, you will need to develop a bridge which passes and synchs data in databases, this is considered as a custom code modification which you will need to do on your own or hire a programmer to do that for you. 
ross Team
ross Jul 17 '16
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