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Site Notifications Option - Email Notifications | Forum

Frasmus Jul 4 '12
There is a plugin that lets users select the kind of email notifications they want to see. I want my members to receive an email whenever ANY content has been added to the website. There is no option available for that.

At least I would like it so whenever "friends" post something new, an email notification goes out. 

  Capture1.PNG (57.95Kb)
Den Team
Den Jul 9 '12

What do you mean under ANY? There are already available all  notification options which could be performed on site. If you find any missing, please, let us know. 

Frasmus Jul 9 '12
I am looking for the following notifications (via email):

New member joins the site.

Member posts something on the news feed.

Member publishes a new blog post.

Member publishes a new forum topic.

Member publishes new photos.

Member publishes a new link or video.

Presently these are the choices...

Someone comments on my profile

Someone comments on my status

Someone likes my status

Someone sends me a new message

Someone posts a wall comment in a group I participate in

Someone invites me to a group

someone commented on my link

Someone comments on my photo

Someone comments on my video

Someone posts a reply in a forum topic

Someone invites me to an event

Someone posts on event walls

"ANY" means any site activity so I don't have to keep visiting the site just to see if anything has changed.

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Den Team
Den Jul 11 '12

You are talking about notifications for all profiles activity. In our opinion, it is too complicated for most users, that's why we don't plan to implement it in default version. 

Alia Team
Alia Feb 15 '13

Log in as any user>>My preferences>>"Email Notificaitons" tab.
Daniele Feb 21 '13
It's possible to have a summary of all profiles activity? I think it's very important when a community is starting...and there are few users..
Alia Team
Alia May 17 '13
Daniele, only via custom code modification.

S. Bourdon
S. Bourdon Jul 17 '13
An update to this plugin could be included in a future Oxwall release IF you vote for it:


It may not be exactly what you're looking for but at least, more notifications will be sent once updated!

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Amber S /Liz M
Amber S /Liz M Aug 22 '13
I think the one notification that has not been implemented is when a member receives a email on the site, a email should be sent to the email they signed up with letting them know when some one sends them email majority of community scripts have this option
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Oct 17 '13
We accept suggestions at http://oxwall.uservoice.com/
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Amber S /Liz M
Amber S /Liz M Oct 17 '13
Is there a way you can have a notifications for emails, that is the one notification for us that tends to be more important then who signed in, etc some people dont log in unless they have email notifications that some one is interested in speaking with them and tends to keep members on the site as well esp for those of us who have paid memberships
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Oct 23 '13
Amber, I am not sure what this new notification should contain. Can you elaborate ?
Amber S /Liz M
Amber S /Liz M Oct 24 '13
when people get emails on the site there needs to be a notification email sent o the email they signed up with
Amber S /Liz M
Amber S /Liz M Oct 24 '13
when people get emails on the site there needs to be a notification email sent o the email they signed up with
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