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CHANGELOG - Cookie Info | Forum

ArtMedia Aug 23 '16
# Version 1.1
- customize your cookie information (background color, font color, link color, background button color, link button color. border color)
ArtMedia Apr 18 '18
1.2 (18.04.2018)

# fixed disable display info for logged users.
Marius Jun 8 '18

Hi ! 

This plugin include rules GDPR ?

Quote from ArtMedia 1.2 (18.04.2018)

# fixed disable display info for logged users.

ArtMedia Jun 11 '18
you can change message in plugin, so you can include gdpr rules
ArtMedia Mar 17 '19

1.3 (17.03.19)

# refactoring plugin code

# fixed bug when you use line break on cookie text and cookie confirm text

# fixed box border from border bottom to border all box

ArtMedia Sep 24 '19

1.4 (24/09/19)

# clean code

# fix bug with display

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