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Does Oxwall protect itself? | Forum

Lisa Jul 11 '12

One of our admins has been trying to access the site from a computer that is on a private server. Both computer and server are not in great condition, possibly spyware/malware/virus-ridden etc. She’s been having frequent login issues. The question she had is:


Would Oxwall or our server be able to detect this sort of thing and decline to let that server access their database and risk transmitting a virus into their servers?  And, If that is the case would there be a way to create a message that says – “there seems to be a problem with your server please try again from a different network”?

Michael I.
Michael I. Jul 17 '12
Lisa, I don't think it is possible. The only thing I recommend is installing an antivirus on your admin's computer and clear it from all malware it has. I am not sure there are any tools that allows checking the security of a client connecting to it.