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Tiny chat not working at https - Tiny Chat | Forum

Igor Ilic
Igor Ilic Sep 7 '16
Tiny chat not working due SSL error:

Blocked loading mixed active content "http://tinychat.com/js/embed.js"
I found on forum that I can resolve this if I:
open ow_plugins/tinychat/views/controllers/page_index.html and change URL http://tinychat.com/js/embed.js to https://tinychat.com/js/embed.js . 
But when I do that, nothing happend. I investigate why nothing happend and I see that this javascript have http call inide instead https. So in https://tinychat.com/js/embed.js is this code: frame.src = "http://tinychat.com/embed/chat.html?" + data; So it has mixed content http and https again, and tiny chat plugin not showing at site. You can see this in screenshoot that I attach.

Did you know how to resolve this issues?

  Screenshot_10.jpg (139Kb)
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Sep 8 '16
We do not provide assistance to Skadate clients, contact Skadate support team to assist you with that.
ross Team
ross Sep 15 '16
Have you tried to enable dev mode after applying the changes? if not, please do and see if the issue persists
Igor Ilic
Igor Ilic Sep 15 '16
Hi, yes, I try that. But problem is javascript embed.js that have http request inside.
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Sep 20 '16
Yes, I believe this is the part that's causing the issue:

frame.src = "http://tinychat.com/embed/chat.html?" + data;

but, since we use iframe to display the chat, there's nothing we can do about it.

Please see description of the plugin. https://developers.oxwall.com/store/item/29

Fedge Feb 24 '17
It never makes it that far. The problem is the URL of the script itself, not anything inside the script. As OP stated, the script never loads because it's not loaded over HTTPS. What needs to be changed is the URL of the script in the plugin itself. I will find and change it and then report back here what needs to be changed to make it work.
Fedge Feb 24 '17
OK I found the file that contains the wrong URL. It's located in the views/controllers/admin_index.html file. You can see the url in there. Just change it to and then you will need to clear Oxwall's cache so it actually starts reflecting the changes (took me a minute to figure that out but you can do it by enabling dev mode and then reloading the page, which will probably result in a timeout, but then you can disable dev mode and reload again). After doing all of this the TInychat plugin works over HTTPS. Plugin maintainer may want to make this modification. Doing so will not affect plugin's operation on plain HTTP sites.
Igor Ilic
Igor Ilic Feb 24 '17
Thank you very much. I know that, and I do this several time until now, but every time when I upgrade my site, it replaced with original file. So, I ask to make permanent changes for this. Finaly I bought this extension https://developers.oxwall.com/store/item/1301 form Aron, and it work fine. There is no rooms for chat and similar, but it is good for now. I found some other independent great chat, but it cost $200, so for now I stay on this chat from Aron
TonyKa Mar 8 '19
Hi Fedge, to what the url has to be changed? can you please help ?

thank you

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