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Facebook Connect not working | Forum

Shripati Jan 8 '11
I hosted my site on my own server using Oxwall Software. all my plugins and application working but when members try to log in using facebook connect following message comes

"Seems there are some problems with connection to Facebook. Please, try again later."

My facebook application working finely with same setting on my wall.fm website but not working on my site http://marathiworld.in/ hosted on my own server please reply any one if he knows the solution of my problem
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Den Team
Den Jan 10 '11
This error means that script can't connect to facebook by some reason:
- facebook don't response
- you have url_fopen disabled
Den Team
Den Jan 10 '11
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Shripati Jan 11 '11
on my host server url_fopen disabled due to security reason any one knows alternative to this prob plz reply
Den Team
Den Jan 12 '11
as alternative, change host name to more user friendly
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Shripati Jan 12 '11
Addenster I think u r wright because some members able to connect by facebook connect but most of time it is not working.
my host provider replied me that n regards to url_fopen, that is currently enabled on your server. Also, are u connecting over a non-standard port to the facebook servers?

I hosted my site on sheared hosing server thats why i have only access to cpanel I changed host name localhost to globhost in config.php but started reinstalling site.I think this is because MySQL Database is on local host please tell me how can i change host name and in which file i change then Facebook connect plugin run proparly
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Den Team
Den Jan 17 '11
Sorry, but why did you change hostname in config.php?
Shripati Jan 17 '11
I changed my hosting server now working fine thanks Addenster
Den Team
Den Jan 17 '11
Tom Nov 29 '14
Hello! I'm receiving the following error when I try to use Facebook Connect on my Oxwall site (looks like a problem with REST). Any advice is appreciated.:

Message:REST API is deprecated for versions v2.1 and higherFile:/home3/puppenha/public_html/krackl/ow_libraries/facebook/base_facebook.phpLine:1254Trace:#0 /home3/puppenha/public_html/krackl/ow_libraries/facebook/base_facebook.php(821): BaseFacebook->throwAPIException(Array) #1 /home3/puppenha/public_html/krackl/ow_libraries/facebook/base_facebook.php(652): BaseFacebook->_restserver(Array) #2 /home3/puppenha/public_html/krackl/ow_plugins/fbconnect/bol/service.php(183): BaseFacebook->api(Array) #3 /home3/puppenha/public_html/krackl/ow_plugins/fbconnect/bol/service.php(210): FBCONNECT_BOL_Service->fbGetFieldValueList('101533476922491...', Array) #4 /home3/puppenha/public_html/krackl/ow_plugins/fbconnect/controllers/connect.php(82): FBCONNECT_BOL_Service->requestQuestionValueList('101533476922491...') #5 [internal function]: FBCONNECT_CTRL_Connect->login(Array) #6 /home3/puppenha/public_html/krackl/ow_core/request_handler.php(266): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #7 /home3/puppenha/public_html/krackl/ow_core/application.php(329): OW_RequestHandler->dispatch() #8 /home3/puppenha/public_html/krackl/index.php(73): OW_Application->handleRequest() #9 {main}Type:FacebookApiException
Tom Dec 1 '14
Thanks for the link! Sorry to add an extra post to the subject. I updated the plugin and it worked perfectly!!



ross Team
ross Dec 1 '14
Great! Thanks for letting us know. 
Alex Feb 22 '15
I am also getting this message "Seems there are some problems with connection to Facebook. Please, try again later."

Why is this plugin broken?

What is the fix?

I do not want to change web hosts because of one poorly coded plugin.

ross Team
ross Feb 22 '15
What is your software version? What is the version of FBConnect plugin?
Alex Feb 24 '15
Oxwall 1.7.2

FB connect does not identify it's version number.

They are both recently downloaded and recently installed.

Assume the newest version.

FB connect started working now, for no reason at all.

I did nothing to change it.

This makes me scared of the code because I did nothing, nothing at all, and now the error is gone?

ross Team
ross Feb 24 '15
Alex, as we use FB SDK, seems like there was something wrong on their side. 
Aktaruzzaman Feb 27 '15
I'm getting this problem when try to login .. after app allowed button . what can i do ?

Message:Failed to connect to Network is unreachable




#0 /home/my.motlob.com/htdocs/ow_libraries/facebook/base_facebook.php(909): BaseFacebook->makeRequest('https://graph.f...', Array)

#1 /home/my.motlob.com/htdocs/ow_libraries/facebook/base_facebook.php(876): BaseFacebook->_oauthRequest('https://graph.f...', Array)

#2 [internal function]: BaseFacebook->_graph('/86470119023891...')

#3 /home/my.motlob.com/htdocs/ow_libraries/facebook/base_facebook.php(654): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)

#4 /home/my.motlob.com/htdocs/ow_plugins/fbconnect/bol/service.php(156): BaseFacebook->api('/86470119023891...')

#5 /home/my.motlob.com/htdocs/ow_plugins/fbconnect/bol/service.php(199): FBCONNECT_BOL_Service->fbGetFieldValueList('864701190238911', Array)

#6 /home/my.motlob.com/htdocs/ow_plugins/fbconnect/controllers/connect.php(82): FBCONNECT_BOL_Service->requestQuestionValueList('864701190238911')

#7 [internal function]: FBCONNECT_CTRL_Connect->login(Array)

#8 /home/my.motlob.com/htdocs/ow_core/request_handler.php(266): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)

#9 /home/my.motlob.com/htdocs/ow_core/application.php(329): OW_RequestHandler->dispatch()

#10 /home/my.motlob.com/htdocs/index.php(73): OW_Application->handleRequest()

#11 {main}


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ross Team
ross Mar 1 '15


please check this link, it has nothing to do with the software, something is wrong with the network or server settings. 

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