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Installatron install and SQLSTATE[HY000] | Forum

Perico Palotes
Perico Palotes Oct 9 '16
Hello everyone, i just installed Oxwall on my Strato hosting using Installatron, then when i try to access my site i get the following errors. I tried to install manually and i get only the last error (SQLSTATE), any idea why is this happening?

ross Team
ross Oct 10 '16
Please see this post: https://developers.oxwall.com/forum/topic/50258

Make sure your server meets our requirements: http://www.oxwall.org/hosting

Perico Palotes
Perico Palotes Oct 10 '16
Thank you ross. I'm sure my server meets the requirements because i have another installation of Oxwall in the root directory and it works good. The only difference with the new installation is that it's not placed in root and the mysql version is higher.

I'll be following that post, it looks that the problem is Strato.

ross Team
ross Oct 11 '16
Please try manual installation and see if you run into the same problem. 
ross Team
ross Oct 12 '16
can you please do one more thing. go to ow_base_user_online table and click on Operations menu item in the tabs and provide screenshot of the page you see. We need to check your Storage engine type. 
Perico Palotes
Perico Palotes Oct 14 '16
I've installed oxwall manually before with same results, that's why used installatron.

Ok, here's the screenshot, it's in spanish...

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ross Team
ross Oct 16 '16
As you can see you have InnodDB, please change it to MyIsam and see if the issue persists. 
Perico Palotes
Perico Palotes Oct 27 '16
I tried but this happens, now the page load after a lot of time waiting, with erros.

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dave Leader
dave Oct 27 '16
You might ask your host if they have enabled MyIsam support on your server.