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How To Truly Disable Mobile Services | Forum

Joshua Sommer
Joshua Sommer Oct 11 '16
I am unable to disable mobile. I just want to use my desktop version without mobile support at the moment. Or, I wouldn't mind if users can use the desktop version on their mobile devices. So, I disabled the mobile version.

Now, users can tap join on their phones and it gives strangely a totally different sign-up page than the one I customized. (It's the default one that comes with oxwall) Also, upon filling out the join form via phone user gets "CSRF TOKEN IS INVALID OR EXPIRED. INVALID DATA SUBMITTED!"

So not only is the mobile version offering a different join page than my desktop, but it is also wasting users time by having them answer all the default questions and rejecting them from joining. 

In conclusion, I am asking how to truly disable mobile services. So far, I have gotten close, but it still seems the mobile version is alive. My website is not the same on both mobile and desktop and the mobile version is crippled perhaps due to the "disable mobile version" option in admin.

ross Team
ross Oct 12 '16
Have you disabled your mobile version in the admin panel here: www.yoursite.com/admin/mobile/settings ?