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Differences between Skadate and Oxwall ? | Forum

Carsten Nov 25 '16
Does anyone knows what the differences are regarding the base components between Skadate and Oxwall in terms of translating ?

Will it break something in Skadate when using Oxwall translated files, like Base and Admin ?

I don't know whether Mailbox is a part of Oxwall or not. But Base is a huge file, which will take hours to translate, so it would be nice if the translated Oxwall files could be used :)

All the best
IntrigU Nov 26 '16
You can think of Skadate as just a collection of plugins running on top of oxwall platform. You won't "break" skadate by importing oxwall language files. 

Mailbox is a part of both Oxwall and Skadate. So is Base and Admin.

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Carsten Nov 27 '16
Hi IntrigU

This does not work, or there has bin made major changes to Oxwall: https://postimg.org/image/nd02audaz/bf7831a1/

That's what i mean by the site breaking. I just get loads of short codes i don't what controls or is named on the live site, and also, i can't search a key that's not there, so it's a mess trying to find what's not working.

The language file should be from 1.8.3, maybe 1.8.2: https://developers.oxwall.com/forum/topic/47754
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Carsten Nov 27 '16
It simply does not work at all.

Now i tried downloading the newest Swedish language files: https://postimg.org/image/4ywvmcps3/88b0206a/

So a conclusion must be, that Oxwall language files cannot be used on Skadate. There are to many differences.
IntrigU Nov 27 '16
The Oxwall language pack will only include translation for "base" i.e. (non-skadate) plugins. You will need to translate skadate plugins manually. And yes these plugins will have blank values for the language you imported.

Does the language pack you  are importing work fine on a clean oxwall install? It may be that it is poorly translated in the first place.

Carsten Nov 28 '16
It will probably work fine on an Oxwall alone site, be course some things are in Swedish, but as i wrote, there are to many differences between the two and where there's only the short code left, and that's hard to translate into anything meaningful

I saw another user inhere asking if there where a graphic overview over all the short codes. To me a list would be enough. But it does not exist in any way. Why is that ?

It's hard to do anything without knowing what they do and where they are used. It seams to me that Oxwall lack some doc's in this area.
IntrigU Nov 28 '16
https://postimg.org/image/nd02audaz/ This screenshot is admin area. It is not commonly translated and most users rely on the english version to perform admin tasks.

https://postimg.org/image/4ywvmcps3/ This screenshot contains widgets from the following skadate plugins: User Search, Matchmaking, Paid Membership, Bookmarks, Hot List - you need to translate these manually as they are not a part of the base oxwall  install.

1.Go to <your site>/admin/settings/languages and pick Swedish from languages drop-down

2. Select one of the plugins I mentioned from the list and punch in the Swedish translation where values are blank

Carsten Dec 1 '16
Yep, that is exactly the problem. When there's a shortcode that's not translated, then the problem occurs, what is it for. There's missing what Wordpress have, a full translation tool where you have both the original text and then the space for e.x. Swedish, so it's easy to know what's what.
IntrigU Dec 1 '16
When you are in the admin area - switch to english. Then you'see the values in english not just short-codes.
Carsten Dec 14 '16
Yes, but how do i then translate them into another language ?

I don't have the possibility to search for short codes.

I have also added to that problem, cause when adding an email to "Contact Us", then in another language on the site it does not show the text for the email, just the short code.