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How to change FAQ Question label height in white box? - Oxwall CS FAQ | Forum

Kevin Nov 26 '16
Looking to edit text attributes on FAQ Page. Currently using theme defaults, and would like to make mods in the FAQ code. Need some pointers on code changes.

See snapshot attachment #3
1) Enlarge Category font size - RESOLVED
2) Enlarge Content question font size - RESOLVED
3) Reduce question height and padding after heading. - I still can not find where to change this

Approx line 60 in : faq_index.html


{else}{foreach from=$questions item='q'}<!-- would like to reduce the font size of the Label shown in White Question Box -->    <div class="faq_filterable" style="overflow: auto;">        {capture assign='boxClass'}{if !$expand}ow_faq_collapsed{/if}{/capture}        {capture assign='question'}<div id="q-{$q->id}" class="ow_faq_question"> {text key="ocsfaq+question_`$q->id`"}</div>{/capture}        <div class="ow_faq_answer ow_small">        {block_decorator name='box' addClass=$boxClass iconClass="ow_ic_info" label=$question}            <div class="clearfix">{text key="ocsfaq+answer_`$q->id`"}</div>        {/block_decorator}        </div>    </div>{/foreach}{/if}


The Forum post is edited by Kevin Nov 27 '16
  IMG_0395.PNG (470Kb)
Kevin Nov 28 '16
Inspecting element in browser, I would like to change the following values:

"line-height: 18px; font-size: 23px;"

Currently it is inheriting from h3.ow_ic_file .ow_box_cap h3:



Appreciate tips on how to edit. 


  box_cap for FAQ.JPG (26Kb)
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