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Protected Gallery: Recommended plugin ? | Forum

Reinhard Sacher
Reinhard Sacher Dec 7 '16
One of the shortcomings in the base-installation of OW is the missing ability to protect your photos .

As I found two plugins that seem to do this, I would like to know your opinion 

 - Private Albums by Mike

 - Private Photo Albums by Skalfa

Your opinions which one to choose please!

I saw, they can protect by password, user-group 

Thank you!

dave Leader
dave Dec 10 '16
If you are afraid of hotlinking just add some code to your htaccess to prevent any views of images from external sites.   If that will work i can show you how.. 

You can also use watermarks and there is a plugin for that as well. 

On mikes plugin our leader darryl got it last year i guess and rates it high, i know darryl well, if he says its great then its great.  He is on vacation for a few more days, he might actually even be back tomorrow.  You should send him a PM and ask him about it before you buy it. 

here is his link  https://developers.oxwall.com/user/dgbeard

Skalfa is also good so i guess look and see what features you really want.  But again i would talk to darryl first. 

Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Dec 11 '16
Mike's was the first one in the store. It is a standalone plugin. The private albums are shown on the profile page. The privacy settings include friends plugin integration, password, public, and selected users. It has worked well for me. I haven't tried the other plugin, so I can't really say to not use it. I know it is integrated with the system, and private pics are displayed in the photo list page, but with a padlock.