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HTTPS not on for all pages | Forum

Geannie Jan 3 '17

I've got https working with the majority of my oxwall installation, but one the following subdirectories, it is reverting to insecure, and I cannot figure out why:


/groups/* [any group, works on the main /groups/ page]

/blogs/* [any blog, works on the main /blog/ page]

Various other custom pages are flashing https for a moment and then immediately going to http.

This is a bit aggravating, since I just did this on all the subdomains, and they are working fine [installed in their own DIRs, TLD is directed via DNS entries]. Oxwall is, as usual, the only one not behaving properly from the outset.

I put this into the .htaccess file:

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^mytld\.me [NC]RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80 RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://my.tld/$1 [R,L]

And I put this into the config.php file:

define('OW_URL_HOME', 'https://my.tld/');

Any ideas would be appreciated. It just makes no sense as to why it's only partially using SSL.

Geannie Jan 4 '17
Figured out the issue!
dave Leader
dave Jan 5 '17
Hi, glad you got it corrected, can you share the resolve to help others please thanks :)
Geannie Jan 6 '17
The problem was with the file that handles the logo image and the header image.  I had to go in and manually edit the appropriate CSS file for the theme I'm using, which was located in ow_userfiles/themes. In order to find the offending files, I had to view page source via Chrome from the secure secure connection link to the left of the address bar.

I've run into an additional problem regarding images. For each of the user groups, I had to go in to "edit" the group's settings, which immediately updated the files with the correct pull instead of for images.

There are more pages that I still need to do this with by the look of it. I'm assuming it's got something to do with how Oxwall updates settings? There is not... function for forcing the entire site to reflect https once it's set up.

dave Leader
dave Jan 6 '17
Thanks for the update, are you using cloudflare?
Geannie Jan 8 '17
No, cloudflare is not enabled. It tends to be more trouble than it's worth for various software.
dave Leader
dave Jan 8 '17
I have the same issue regarding non https images and such, i have not found a global solution yet. 
andre Jan 17 '17
hi guys.. i need help for https Not secure site images.. on news feed, blog, forum, events.. when i paste i image link in (http://) The site continues in https but it happens to be an unsafe site in the ssl certificate. If I remove the image the site is once again a safe site... how to paste a image in http:: from other site Without losing site security ssl?? thanks..
Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Jan 17 '17
@Andre Please do not duplicate posts. This is in four different posts. One of which has a response from Chris W.