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Nothing is working for me - THIS IS MY LAST TRY TO OXWALL | Forum

Ahmed Aug 13 '12
I have lot of issues, 1000s times i installed oxwall on my server.. but it is not working. 500 html with newsfeed on.. new features are not working..

go to hifuncity.com and try to join then i will tell you future things..

mike Aug 13 '12

sounds like a hosting related problem. It will not work on shared hosting plans. Or free hosting.  tRY using oxwall recommended hosting.  

Michael I.
Michael I. Aug 13 '12
Sagheer, that's not enough to say that you are having 500 errors. You should follow instructions given in this topic: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/4661 and provide us with more details on what issues you are facing.

I also agree with Mike - what you've described looks like a hosting configuration issue.

Ahmed Aug 14 '12
Dear Mr. Team actually this is not my first post. When in past i shared about 500html,  i provided all details and no support. And @mike i am using oxwall recommended hosting. arvixe

Problems everywhere... from join page to admin... whenever database is involved in any function, that isn't working

Ahmed Aug 14 '12
Join Page Error

Fatal error: Call to a member function text() on a non-object in /home/shahemp/public_html/hifuncity.com/ow_system_plugins/base/controllers/join.php on line 273

on dashboard (if news feed box is added)

on Installing new avialable plugin

Ahmed Aug 14 '12
Home Page error with news feed box available


Message:SQLSTATE[HY093]: Invalid parameter number: parameter was not definedFile:/home/shahemp/public_html/hifuncity.com/ow_core/database.php
mike Aug 15 '12
Quote from Sagheer File:/home/shahemp/public_html/hifuncity.com/ow_core/database.php

Did you unpack oxwall in root directory?  why  public_html/hifuncity.com  ? should be   public_html/ ow_core/database.php

or yo umoved it

or you put a wrong path way in config.php 

Michael I.
Michael I. Aug 17 '12
Sagheer, provide me with a list of issues you are facing (with as many details as possible) via PM. Send me you FTP, phpMyAdmin and Admin Panel access details, too.