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Groups posts in Newsfeed - Groups | Forum

John Jan 18 '17
We turned off the "Groups" notifications in Newsfeed, but we still getting "MEMBERNAME joined this group" in the Newsfeed, although it doesn't say which group they joined. 

See attached screenshot for a new member who joined three groups in a row.

I understand there are other issues with what "Groups" does in the main Newsfeed.  Is there a solution for this issue?
  HW Newsfeed Screenshot 190117.png (261Kb)
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Jan 25 '17
By turning off "groups" you disable group items in the main,dashboard and profile newsfeed not group newsfeed. This is not a bug, this is how it works.
John Jan 25 '17
The screenshot (and the problems) was (and are) from main newsfeed, not the group newsfeed. 

The main newsfeed says that a member joined a group, but not which group, even though (as you are correct in saying) there should be no group items in the main newsfeed.  Is there a solution for this?
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Jan 25 '17
We can't reproduce such issue on our demo, please see screenshots.
The item appears only in group newsfeed, not main newsfeed
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Jan 25 '17
Please reproduce the issue on our demo and provide the steps.
Igor Jul 22 '17
I'm not getting group posts into MAIN newsfeed.
Is there a way to include it?
Kenneth Nov 16 '17
Hi there, my community works great, but group post and pictures etc. is NOT shown in Newsfeed in frontpage - only inside the group. What can I do?

I want the post to be shown at Newsfeed for all members

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