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Support questions - Birthdays | Forum

Reynardo Aug 14 '10
how do i use this
Emil Team
Emil Aug 17 '10
Reynardo, you need to install it in your admin area and there will be widgets showing if there are upcoming birthdays among your members.
g00d Feb 7 '11
Seems that the plugin shows birthdays for more than 1 week and not only today?
Ulises Aguilera
Ulises Aguilera Dec 17 '11
the widget appears in the dashboard, i would like it appears in my profile page, how can i do it?
Den Team
Den Dec 19 '11
This widget is also shown on Profile View page. You can stick it on a page as an administrator or allow to move it for user.
Alberto MC
Alberto MC Mar 10 '13

Birthdays in newsfeed are showing 2 hours before, I mean 10:00 PM instead 12:00 AM. Maybe that's the time of my web hosting...how I can fix it? Under my main settings TimeZone is set to America/Hermosillo. 

Martin Apr 30 '13

Birthdays are never shown. I've changed my birthday to today, but no mention.

I use Dutch date notation (dd/mm/yyyy) does this have anything to do with that? 


Alia Team
Alia May 17 '13
Martin, make sure that your Cron is up and running. More info about Cron here: http://docs.oxwall.org/install:cron

Is somebody faceы Pablo's issue check this topic: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/9554
Guido Jun 18 '14

I have a big problem. The plugin works very well and suddenly its not more shown on profile pages and the index. It's installed but is no more shown.
Can you help me please?
Maybe un probleme with another plugin but which?

Guido Jun 18 '14
It's ok. I resolved the problem.
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Jul 24 '14
Ok, great! thanks for letting us know
Tess Franklin
Tess Franklin Aug 30 '14
Some weird verbiage after updating to 7.1
the notification says Birthday + Birthdays  (see attachment)
Any was I can correct this?
  Image2.jpg (6Kb)
Curtis Aug 31 '14
@Tess: I have this problem too.
dave Leader
dave Sep 1 '14
same issue here birthdays+birthday, im sure its a simple lang conf issue, but please let us know the fix... thanks 
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Sep 2 '14
Guys, we have been reported about this issue already, however we cannot reproduce that. Can somene PM me admin and Cpanel access details? so our developer could take a look at the live example of the issue. Thanks.
dave Leader
dave Sep 2 '14
Im wondering if this is not the birthday greetz plugin instead, we may have all gotten this wrong omg...   ill check in a while to make sure... 
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Sep 3 '14
Alright, keep us updated.
dave Leader
dave Sep 4 '14
Sorry took so long, no the greetz plugin just sends an email to them, it does not post to the newsfeed that i can see.   So has to be the birthday mod.   I will see what i can find on this to see if i can track down something on the issue. 
dave Leader
dave Sep 4 '14
I think the issue might be with event_handler.php in ow_plugins\birthday\classes\

looks like we have two dynamic values which may not be parsing correctly 

line 248         'key' => 'birthdays+console_notification_comment',

line 318         'key' => 'birthdays+console_notification_like',

so on my newsfeed it shows this currently 

member pic, member name 

------------- birthdays+birthday Sep 01    

 So now im looking to see what it should say... 

maybe it should be show at all, i looked at some old newsfeeds and this is not there next to the pic

birthdays+birthday Sep 01

so im thinking maybe it should not be showing... 

The Forum post is edited by dave Sep 4 '14
dave Leader
dave Sep 4 '14
yeah i found it...  

its in the function onNewsfeedItemRender  inside of  ow_plugins/birthdays/classes/event_handler.php

i dont know why its doing this but i know how to quickly fix it lol..  bandaid temp

here is the section 

         $html = '<div class="ow_user_list_data">                            

<a href="'.$content['userData']["url"].'">'.$content['userData']["title"].'</a><br><span style="font-weight:normal;" class="ow_small">'. OW::getLanguage()->text('birthdays', 'birthday') . ' '. $birthdate . '</span></div>';           


  $content['content'] .= $html;

  $content['content'] = '<div class="clearfix">'.$content['content'].'</div>'; 


and i did this for temp fix.

just reset the var to '' before the array storage.. (after the original storage value)

       $html = ''; 

                       $content['content'] .= $html; 



once its blank it dont show,  ill let you try to figure out why its not showing correctly... :)

The Forum post is edited by dave Sep 4 '14
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