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Support questions - Fancybox | Forum

Emil Team
Emil Jul 29 '11
Nice work!
Honsa Jul 30 '11
thx, it should also work as lightbox and some options to configure in the admin section but this all needs a little effort
ma3ih Club
ma3ih Jul 30 '11
i install it but its not work like demo
its open pics in new windows
Honsa Jul 30 '11
@Masih do you have a link? I did not tested it on a fresh install, it is possible that I forgot something
Le Jul 30 '11
Need to display photo's title too :) Thanks
Honsa Jul 30 '11
ok I recognized it ;)
Honsa Jul 31 '11
Now if title of links is given it will show in the fancybox, the photo title should be filled from the photo plugin, this is not so, at this time 

Ok can someone give me a hint how I can make update packages, I guess I have to copy from other plugins ;)
ma3ih Club
ma3ih Jul 31 '11
honsa make the new version for download
still old 1 is for download :)
Honsa Aug 3 '11
The update should fix the login and photo upload problems. can someone can give me a hint how the variable is calling so it can display the photo name if no title is set?
Rivu Aug 5 '11
No download link. Please check.
Honsa Aug 6 '11
I have problems with the oxwall site too
John Aug 7 '11
this is nice but please fix the download link :D
Honsa Aug 7 '11
the link should work now
Honsa Aug 11 '11
update fix the login bug
Le Aug 12 '11
Still got undefined in title :D
Honsa Aug 12 '11
yes the photo_view.html need a title tag, like this:

 <img src="{$url}" alt="" title="{$photo->description}" class="photo_preview_image" />
Honsa Sep 2 '11
there is still a background bug, I haved sold it, but I wait for the next release
Michael Leader
Michael Nov 4 '11
FYI, I still see "undefined" in the photo title. (No rush)
Honsa Nov 16 '11
after update i didnt change the photo plugin files...
Niels Nov 18 '11
Maybe because my site is placed in a subfolder I can't get things working. But worse, when the plug-in is installed, it prevents some other functions to work correctly. For example, while Fancybox is installed a user is unable to delete his own photo's. After uninstalling the plug-in all works well. Is there a new version coming up which adresses the problem with a site placed in a subfolder?
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