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Limit Meta Description length in Individual Member Blog Post Page | Forum

Kevin Feb 19 '17
Just implemented Blogs, and when attempting to share to Facebook, the og:Description is using the entire body of the Blog which of course causes an error.

in the control panel for SEO settings for Individual Member Blog Post Page, the following is specified for meta description: {$post_body}

How would we limit the Meta Description character count to 300 (Current Facebook limit)


Added Blog section, now time to share;)

Kevin Feb 20 '17
Today I noticed while the behavior is still a nogo on Google Chrome Desktop browser, and Mobile Safari:

Request-URI Too Large The requested URL's length exceeds the capacity limit for this server.

Microsoft Edge works fine for same blog post (truncates length) when sharing


Does anyone know if {$post_body} can have addition edit to only include first ### of characters?

The Forum post is edited by Kevin Feb 20 '17
Kevin Feb 21 '17
Sal - Thanks! That worked great for shortening the blog description on the Blog List page. That will really help when several Blogs have been entered. Even with my first test (which was too long) it was a help.

However the issue I am trying to track down is the description that is being referenced in the individual blog when it is shared via AddThis to Facebook.

UPDATE: Looks like the Social Media Sharing plugin (using AddThis) works ok - it is the actual AddThis tools that I have onsite that have the issue.

The Forum post is edited by Kevin Feb 21 '17