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VPS SSL Cert. And Cron Job | Forum

bob Mar 15 '17
We have a VPS account on this account, we have three add on domains with three oxwall websites, Last week we had a SSL Certificate installed by our hosting service (Arvixe) on one of the websites.  Now we find the CRON JOB Does not run we have the Cron Test plugin. I contacted Arvixe support they don't know anything about the cron command or why the corn would stop running Can anyone help. Please let me know what to do



Sergio Mar 20 '17
Hello I have the same problem in SSL have you found the solution?
bob Mar 20 '17

No, my hosting (Arvixe) don't know what a cron job is much less what the command should  be and now my site has been off going on 2 weeks. What hosting are you using? I am checking with TMD hosting hosting it looks like it may be okay the say they know oxwall but the site i installed to test them is not ssl yet

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Chris_W Mar 20 '17
That sounds like something pertaining to Arvixe. I have SSL on all my sites and the cron works just fine. Are you running the cron locally similar to [ /usr/bin/php /home/********/public_html/domain.com/ow_cron/run.php ] or or over http with something like [ curl --silent http://domain.com/ow_cron/run.php ] or [wget http://domain.com/ow_cron/run.php ] if it is one of the latter two, change the http to https. If it's the last one, check that wget is enabled, some hosts disable it. If so then use one of the other two methods.

If Arvixe support really has no idea what a cron job is (which i doubt), it's time to move!
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bob Mar 20 '17
Okay i got it working and you are right Chris I am moving my account to TMD Hosting it looks okay