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There are so many dating site app out there, why did you choose Skadate? | Forum

Theo Mar 27 '17

Has anyone used other dating scripts/software before deciding skadate was the one you settled for and why?

We are thinking of starting a dating site but really confused which script is worth our investment and time. We keep coming back to Skadate but still a little unsure at this point? 

So will be grateful to hear your experiences with Skadate compare to other dating apps available (features and cost comparison).

If you use the mobile app version as well, how well does it function?


Yevhen Apr 3 '17
This is free oxwall community. You are talking about commercial software. Opinion on free software? Oxwall CMS has a lot of nice ideas but as it's free (partially) it needs community. Without community it's nothing than a couple MBs of code. It depends what You need, but be ready to throw away few months of Your life for fixing all the bugs. The best way, if You have money - Skadate, but NEVER update it and it's plugins, Do it with payed programmers.
Scam Detector
Scam Detector Apr 4 '17
I choosed oxwall because it is the one that have the plugins I need.

I don't have skadate but it looks great too, when I have all the money to buy it, I will.
Maybe you need to look at your requirements and see if it fits all you need for your project if not, calculate how much cost to make it like you need it. Do the math.