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MySql 5.6 Or MariaDB 10.1 and.. MyISAM or InnoDB? The BEST Solution | Forum

TonyKa Apr 6 '17

Hi to all


I am trying to understand which DB is BETTER for Oxwall.


I upgraded my WHM from MySql 5.5 to MySql 5.6.


The speed seems same, nothing changed.


I am reading that MariaDB can be better than MySql5.6 since MariaDB is suggested for sites that have many read/writes, rather than only reads.


So.. Which DB is suggested to work with Oxwall and have the best results?


Also, I noticed that there are two different engines: MyIsam and InnoDB.  As I see from my MySQL, I noticed that is running MyIsam.

Is that the proper? Or I need to switch to InnoDB?


Also I read that in Oxwall both can run. Is this possible?? And what I need to do in this case.


Can somebody please help?


Thank you so much!


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Scam Detector
Scam Detector Apr 13 '17
All software that runs on mySQL is compatible with MariaDB.

The "best results" depends on your server specs only (RAM, CPU, etc) and not in the oxwall software. It is suggested MariaDB as is newest and it is made by the same developer than MySQL.

MariaDB is faster and does have a lot of improvements.
MyISAM is faster and needs less ram to do the same than InnoDB.

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TonyKa Apr 15 '17
thank you so much!!!!

but my my.cnf is empty... i read that i need to do config there to make the MariaDB or MySQL faster, right?

how can i do this?

Thank you once more!