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Please Vote for Ability to Search Members, Groups, Events by Location | Forum

Bruce Tran
Bruce Tran Apr 11 '17
Hi Oxwall Members,

If you think having the ability to search for members, groups, and events by location proximity (zip/postal code) please go here and vote.


Thank you.
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Shaun Apr 12 '17
Hi Bruce,

Check out this PLUGIN.

I have it on my site and it works very well.
Bruce Tran
Bruce Tran Apr 12 '17
I was on their demo page and couldn't search for anything. This is more of a search functionality. The feature I'm proposing add a tab called "Nearby" in the Members, Groups, and Events pages. When click on, it will show members, events, and groups that are near the user zipcode which will be required in the profile question if the admin decided to turn on location service feature.

Unless I'm seeing something different maybe you can demonstrate how this plugin you suggested works searching for members, events, and groups near you.
Shaun Apr 13 '17
Morning Bruce,

I don't know of a plugin that does all that by itself but there are other plugins that can give you a similare experience

Plugin 1 Location Maps

Works on the sign up page and adds the ability for users to search for other users by location, and distance from them. Allows town distric or ZIP ie Postcode.

Plugin 2 Extended Events + map

Not 100% sure if the events plugin come with the ability to search on a map now or not but if not this is one to consider.

Doesnt add the function to search by location but it does ass the ability for users to see what event are happening arround them on a map.

Puros is fairly approachable too so if you mention the possibility of adding a postcode search option he might consider it for a future update.

Groups I cant help with unfortunatly. Never heard of a plugin that does this.

I know the plugins are not exactly what your looking for but we have not had an update from Oxwall in a very long time now and I don't think I have seen them on this forum for a long time either. They are still about because plugin updates do pop up now and again.

Good luck on the uservoice service I hope you get it developed because it would be a good update but in meantime maybe the plugins could work for you.

Also have a look at this (cant recommend it because I do not use or have access to it) but they may be of interest.

Members nearby

Bruce Tran
Bruce Tran Apr 13 '17
Thanks Shaun. I will look into these plugins you recommended. They are much closer aligned to what I was looking for. Appreciate the inputs.