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adam Jun 26 '17
Hey Guys and Girls

Im looking for the ability to add a customer profile type for a couple - M/M / M/F / F/F etc

so they can sign up together and use the site

anyone got any ideas ?


Shaun Jun 27 '17
Have a look at my site

The site is of an adult nature so don't look if you will be offended

I have implemented couples profiles using diffrent account types option and various plugins.

Also i was able to set diffrent questions for diffrent account types and permissions

Happy to help if thats what your looking for.

adam Jun 27 '17
Thats exactly what im after !

dont suppose your willing to reveal how u did it :)

Shaun Jun 27 '17
Im at work right now but bare with me and when i finish i will try and get something written down for you :)
Shaun Jun 27 '17

To add a new account type

1. go to your Admin panell
2. Click on users
3. click on Profile Questions
4. Add new account type. (I added 8 but add what your need i.e. man, woman, couple.)

Or edit and use this link www.YOURSITEADDRESSHERE.com/admin/users/profile-questions

You will have to assign the relevant profile questions to the relevant accounts and some profile questions will need to added twice if the the account is for two people. For example if you have a couples account and you want to list the birthdate of both of them you will need to creat a second birthday profile question but only assign it to account types that are meant for more than 1 person.

Default Avatars - This plugin works with account types to give each one a diffrfent avatar after they sign up. Very usefull when a users doesn't upload an avatar during signup.

I kow it's not much information there but let me know if you need advice on anything specific.


P.S.  If you willing I would love to see your site. PM me URL if you are.
Shaun Jun 27 '17
Forgot to mention if you want to add diffrent permisions for diffrent account types you will need to create a new role for each set of permisions you want to give.

So for example if you want couple to be able to post in your forum but not single guys create two new roles.

label them couple and single man

Tick the permision box for couples to be able to post and untick the permision box for the single guy user role.

When you create a new account type you can can set a default role for that account type so pick the role you want to asign then.