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Data import not working | Forum

JB TECH Sep 4 '12
It's been 3 days now, and I've uninstalled and reinstalled and waited for hours on end for this "data importer" to import my Wall.Fm site WeeShare! to the Oxwall software.

It just won't work, and members are getting mad! Every time I activate the importer it just doesn't do anything. I waited 24 hours exactly once and it still didn't work!

I have ALL the cron time right, (*,*,*,*,*) and I have inserted the SALT to the right consonant. 

Please help, hopefully this can help you help me:

*I installed it using Softaculous

*My hosting is Arivex

*My site I'm importing only has 157 members

*I've downloaded all the (free) plugins that were needed and were missing.

Please help soon.

Michael I.
Michael I. Sep 5 '12
Jake, drop me a message via PM and provide me with your FTP, phpMyAdmin and Admin Panel access details. I would also need you to contact Arvixe support and ask them to enable SSH for your account. Once that is done, upload the archive you are importing to to some specific folder on your server and let me know about its destination.

Waiting for your reply.

JB TECH Sep 6 '12
OK, I got the installation done CORRECTLY right now, now here are some screenshots I took to help anyone wanting to help me with import.

I inserted the SALT into the ow_includes/config.php file as directed:

I added the SALT before Installation this time, and on the Data Importer, you will see this for a long time:

And yes, I have the CRON set up right (******):

Please help. Members are starting to think that I removed the site T__T

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Purusothaman Ramanujam

Have you changed in the site url?

Ps: Please mask your password shown in the attached image.
JB TECH Sep 7 '12
No, and I've now updated the attachment.
JB TECH Sep 7 '12
I've just went into my backup folder and accessed the dump.sql files. I've come to find ALL the content info in these files from my Wall.Fm site, do I need to upload these to a specific place or something? My members are starting to send me messages on other sites, like this:

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Vicki Sep 16 '12
I'm afraid I cannot find the answer on the forum. Before I upgrade my real website I created a test site to make sure I can successfully import the backup. But, it is stuck on "wait import" and will not complete.

Just as the above user explains, all plugins have been installed. Cron is setup already because it is on the same server as my real website. I assume it will use the same cron job.

What is the solution to this "wait import"?
Vicki Sep 17 '12
I've got the cron job running properly now. Even though I had a cron job setup on the real site, the test site needed it's own cron job created.

Now, for the next issue. When I go to the Import status screen it displays:

Video...........import fail
Forum..........wait import
The rest say "wait import".

How am I supposed to know why it failed in order to remedy the problem?
Why is it that it says fail but it won't tell you why?

Does anyone know of a better way to 1. Upgrade 2. Import a backup that actually works? Why is this so hard?
Vicki Sep 17 '12
I used the Data Exporter. There are no options when exporting. There are no options for importing. Why is it that the oxwall tools are so useless?

Is there any other way to upgrade my website? You would think just "Upgrade" would work but it is not. It makes the website blow up. Hence, the need to use the Data Exporter and Data Importer.

But, obviously, this stuff just does not work.

Sense my frustration yet? I'm getting ready to ditch this software soon.
Vicki Sep 17 '12
Absolutely, I have all the cpanel tools where I can use myphpadmin.
Vicki Sep 17 '12
Hi Paul, I'm not quite clear what you are asking. I believe I have all those options. I also have command line and also Export and Import function for .sql.zip files.

But, if the table structure doesn't match, for example a new table field in the upgrade version, how will I know if the structures don't match? Anyway, too many questions as I am not a DB expert but I am dangerous enough to know how to work MyPHPAdmin.
Vicki Sep 17 '12
Yes, different versions. I am simply trying to upgrade from 1.2.6 to 1.4.0.
The caveat is that I have tried the upgrade on 2 test sites and both times are unsuccessful.

When I try to upgrade, the website blows up and therefore I need a way to recover it -- hence the backup export/import. But, they are not successful either.

I would prefer to do it myself because I want to understand the issues. I'm fairly technical and I SHOULD be able to do it myself.

One would assume the backup export/import would work since it is included in the Oxwall install plugins but it has failed me.
Vicki Sep 17 '12
I'll try, thank you.
Vicki Sep 18 '12
I give up. Nothing I try will work. There is no way I will ever upgrade Oxwall because it is just going to make my website blow up and there is no way I can restore my website after it blows up :(

Thanks Oxwall! Time to look for a new software.
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Vicki Sep 18 '12
Geez Paul, you deserve to be owner of this oxwall provider. You are so much more helpful than the "team" on this site.

I will PM you.
Michael I.
Michael I. Sep 21 '12
Can I ask what was the problem? Sharing your problems solutions is a key to success of this community.

Vicki, I understand your frustration, but check into this topic, please: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/5092

We simply cannot provide every user with an immediate reply, though I would love we could do that. But, as you can see, our community is slowly growing and great guys like Paul Cuffe also provide other members with support. Kudos to you, Paul!

Vicki Sep 21 '12
Thanks Michael. I really don't expect an immediate reply but a 1-2 week wait for a reply is a bit excessive and does not provide the non-saavy user much confidence in the products.

Paul has been very helpful to determine that my DB version 1.2.6 is not compatible with DB version 1.4.0. Especially in the Newsfeed area. I am slowly working towards manually fixing things with his gracious help.

It is especially unfortunate that the import is not working so I have resorted to using my web hosting cpanel tools to making backups.

Pete Sep 21 '12
Its mad this oxwall you install a mod and some othere mod that you have installed stops working ,then you install some othere mod and the mod thats stopped working  starts working again,as anybody else come across this problem ?  I think we have gremlins working on this software Lol .
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