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Donamix Sep 6 '12
I am having a problem on my social network.. and no one is helping me..
Hope someone can help me fix it.. when you click on online, it shows users that not not online.. i mean when someone close the window without signing out.. it keeps them as online..
I never changes..  always showing users that are not online.

Social Site: http://social.donamix.com/index

You can test it and see
Donamix Sep 7 '12
Hello? why isn't anyone helping out?
Abbey Sep 7 '12
it's your cron, you set it wrong.
Donamix Sep 8 '12
No, the cron is all right i set it every minute
DeFender Sep 8 '12
yes, it is the problem.
Purusothaman Ramanujam
Even if you have set the cron to run for every minute, have you verified it is set correctly.

The path to set the cron differs from hosting to hosting.
DeFender Sep 8 '12
my cron runs fine except Donamix first post
Donamix Sep 9 '12
Have a look at this Screenshot.

Tell me is there anything wrong in it?

If yes, please tell what what do i need to do.

Thank you in advance.

  Cron Jobs.png (40.73Kb)
MarkieMark67 Sep 9 '12
I had problems like that at one time this was how I fixed it. Just another suggestion..

/ramdisk/bin/php5 -c /home8/SITE/SITE/ow_cron/run.php /home8/SITE/public_html/SITE/ow_cron/run.php
Donamix Sep 10 '12
Thank you Markie.

Do i Need to add this as a new Command or what?
Sorry I'm not very good in this.

/ramdisk/bin/php5 -c /home8/SITE/SITE/ow_cron/run.php /home8/SITE/public_html/SITE/ow_cron/run.php
Donamix Sep 10 '12
Finally this worked!

wget http://www.donamix.com/ow_cron/run.php

Thank you very much Paul Cuffe
Damian Sep 11 '12
I have the same problem and i have tried all of those and still did not work. My host provider Arvixe said the it is a script problem. Can someone help me? 
Donamix Sep 12 '12
I was wrong.
It worked but now i am facing the same problem again :)
Donamix Sep 13 '12
Please help..
I'm facing the same problem again!
when a user sign in it keeps showing the 'online now'
Michael I.
Michael I. Sep 13 '12
Okay, can you send me a screenshot of your current Cron settings?
Donamix Sep 13 '12
Well, here is it have a look  :)
  CronJob.PNG (33.31Kb)
Damian Sep 13 '12
here it is
Donamix Sep 15 '12
What is this Damian Norris

Should i set mine like that too?

Please type the Command bellow thank you.
Pete Sep 15 '12
I dont know why it bothers you so much for ,this will help you get new members if your site looks busy
The Forum post is edited by Pete Sep 15 '12
Damian Sep 15 '12
Donamix i have the same problem as you with my site the photo you see is how my cron is set. It work fine with this cron job and one day i stop working. it has been a month i have been trying to get some to help me and no help. Now someone said "I dont know what it bothers you so much for ,this will help you get new members if your site looks busy" yes it may do that but it is nice to have thing working right. 
The Forum post is edited by Damian Sep 15 '12
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