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An issue with online members whom are not there. - Yoom - Chatroom | Forum

Jonathan Hol
Jonathan Hol Sep 3 '17
After last update I notice that the members whom participate in the chat keep showing as logged in even after they exit the chat. The only way of removing them from the online list seem to be by them leaving the chatrom using the leave chatroom button. I would expect the users to be removed from the online list after simply closing the chatroom browser tab. 

This did not seem to be a problem before the last update.. 

Looking forward to getting som clarity in this. :) 

Ebenezer Obasi
Ebenezer Obasi Sep 3 '17
It's not supposed to be that way, it's everything working well with your Cron job?
Jonathan Hol
Jonathan Hol Sep 3 '17
Actually there are a lot of email notifications which is not working. Like report function and a few others. But mail notification works for more basic things. Like contact form, message notification, forum reply notification is all working. So I don't see how I can set up cron differently. I use the oxwall how-to-do-cron to set it up.

Any clarification / suggestions would be apreaciated :)!

David Sep 4 '17
I have the same problem.
Test with a second account yesterday.
Today, this 2nd account is not online but is always on the list.
Ebenezer Obasi
Ebenezer Obasi Sep 4 '17
Please I will try to reproduce this problem from my end and get in touch with you.


Ebenezer Obasi
Ebenezer Obasi Sep 7 '17
Please update your plugin. The user online bugs has been fixed.

Kindly Regards

Cesar Leiva
Cesar Leiva Sep 8 '17

Hi, I have a problem, I do not see the users online update it today :(

Ebenezer Obasi
Ebenezer Obasi Sep 8 '17

Well, everything seems okay here. I had to sign up on your website...

Cesar Leiva
Cesar Leiva Sep 9 '17
ok friend sorry was the cache I had to delete the cache of my browser to be able to view everything works correctly. and good wait the next update so that they can enter visits to the chat I mean users who are not registered can also enter either with a nick at random and to have a nick need to register: D :) something like irc :) Thank you :D
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