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User Roles (Male/female) BUG - Articles | Forum

Matthias Sep 26 '17

although iDragon admitted there is a problem, my ticket (#304991) has been closed and deleted without any answer. This is very bad customer support. I am trying again via the official forum here: 

The news plugin does not work with user roles and permissions. 

I have set it up that only admins are allowed to create postings/news. The problem is, that all (!) female accounts are still able to create news, while male accounts cannot. 

As you can see, the plugin has an issue with male/female user roles. 

Please fix asap. 

Thank you

Matthias Nov 22 '17
Watch out everyone, this bug is still not fixed and there is no answer whatsoever from the Developers. Very bad support. 
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd
This issue does not cause by article plugin.
Firstly, please try to use female account to add/post new items from other plugins such as group/event/blog/etc plugins without permission of posting.
I belevie it will be happened too.

And then, please deactive user credit plugin to then check again.

Matthias Nov 27 '17

thank you for coming back to me. It looks like the issue changed after the latest update to the plugin. 

As you can see in the screenshot "user roles", only admins can write new Articles. 

However, all users can press the button "Write new Article" (screenshot "new article"). 

If a female account pressed the button: She will be able to write a news, but then it needs to be approved by an admin.

If a male acccount pressed the button: He will be directed to "upgrade his account" (Screenshot "new article male").

As you can see, there is an issue with the Plugin and the male/female user roles. In earlier versions of the plugin, at least the male users did not have the "Write new Article" button (only female did). 


If the user role says, you cannot write an article, you should not have a button "Write new article"

Can you fix this issue with your next release? 

Looking forward to your reply


  new article male.png (4Kb)
  new article.png (19Kb)
  user roles.png (6Kb)
Matthias Feb 27 '18
Still no feedback from the Devs about fixing this bug. Looks like the developer stopped updating this plugin. 
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd
Sorry for late response,

From your provided information, I guessed that both "Female" and "Male" account above are all Admin role as in user roles.png.
Why the male account was redirected to upgrading account page, because he is not enough credit to add new article, as you configured in user credit plugin.
Please send to him some credits to check, or set the value of add new article in user credit plugin to zero to see what happen.

If yes, this plugin is working properly with user credit plugin and user roles feature.
Matthias Mar 1 '18

good to see to get finally response, thank you. Here are the answers::

Admin roles: 

I only have 2 admins on the site, all other members are not (!) in an admin role. 


I have deactivated the "add article" for male and female. I also set the credits price to 0 just to make sure. Still, both male and female members have the option to "add article".

If they press the button, they get prompted to say they need to upgrade their account. However, there is no option for normal members to add articles, only read and comment. 

So I still think its a bug with user roles. 

iDragon Solution Co., Ltd
Please send female, male and admin account to us to verify on your site by private message. Thank you.
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