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Specific Search Shows Random Members | Forum

Blaire Dec 4 '17
I had an issue 2 days ago with a plugin that created a 500 error on the site. I got really fed-up with trying to get help for it and reverted the site back to 2 days prior. Everything LOOKED back to normal.

Except now members are filtering in saying the site search did not work. It 100% worked prior.

For example, if someone searches for a gender (male) and they check mark it (and only it) and then search then it shows RANDOM results. Males, females, whatever it chooses to pull from the database.

I removed the fields and recreated them all, believing it might resolve it.
Nope, still throwing back random results.

I have all third-party plugins removed at this point due to the aforementioned plugin issue that I'm still trying to work out. I'm running Oxwall 1.8.4 .

Dev mode never lets any pages load. (really, I can wait 10 minutes and no page will ever load when it's turned on so whatever)
Debug mode shows no errors when turned on.

Please help?
ArtMedia Dec 4 '17
i working to other oxwall site and site search have bugs