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Cron worked for a while then stopped..? | Forum

QuotesPapa Sep 23 '12



I'm using Justhost, got cPanel, I've installed Oxwall and I tried setting up the cron jobs for notifications as pictures attached.


I did set up the cron email


I tried playing around with a few actions in the community and I received email notifications for a few minutes, but then it stopped.


Now I don't receive any email notifications at all, not sure why.


php -f /home2/elemen24/public_html/community/ow_cron/run.php
php -f /home2/elemen24/public_html/community/ow_plugins/notifications/cron.php


As for the path, I'm not 100% sure. At least in my cpanel, this is the correct path:




But if I need anything before that, or if the path needs to be that long, I don't know. I just tried those paths based on the info I could find here in the forum.


Regarding the run.php permission, should it be like the picture (644), or should it be 666 or something else?


Thanks in advance




  Cron job 01.JPG (23.63Kb)
  run_php_permissions.JPG (24.3Kb)
QuotesPapa Sep 23 '12

Hi again,


Okay regarding the Cron Job, here's the final result:


Good Ones:
/usr/bin/php -q /home2/elemen24/public_html/community/ow_cron/run.php
/usr/bin/php -q /home2/elemen24/public_html/community/ow_plugins/notifications/cron.php


Didn't work 01: (reference)

Didn't work 02: (reference)
php -f /home2/elemen24/public_html/community/ow_cron/run.php
php -f /home2/elemen24/public_html/community/ow_plugins/notifications/cron.php



So now I've got the Cron jobs and many of the notifications up and running.


However, I still do not receive notifications for new signups.





Is it not possible to receive signup notifications without having the SMTP enabled?


I created an email account and had it successfully tested in the SMTP setup section (see pictures). I changed the Site Email to that account.


It worked, but not any better than disabling SMTP in the first place. The notification speed got slower and I still didn't receive signup notifications.


So... what to do.


I want to be notified when people sign up immediately.

  SMTP-success-01.JPG (13.55Kb)
  SMTP success 02.JPG (15.22Kb)
  Site Email.JPG (14.77Kb)
QuotesPapa Sep 26 '12

Quote from Paul Cuffe
Have you added or updated any plugins recently? or changed any settings on your control panel / hosting ?

When I installed Oxwell I did install a bunch of plugins, and they are all update now.

I haven't changed anything in particular in the cPanel after installing oxwell