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Help - Blur avatars | Forum

Outperformer 3000
Outperformer 3000 Jan 30 '18
Could you please tell me, what function that points have:


I have the problem, that images at beginning of site load appears for few seconds, then veils come. A bit too late.

Also I want to know 0 - 50 brightness. Is 50 brighter then 0 oder vice versa?
ArtMedia Feb 5 '18
blur_notifications - user get message that avatars are blurred, you can modify message via translation

blur_cache - blurred avatars are cached in user browser, so function don't blur it everytime.

Plugin use javascript to blur avatars, oxwall core don't allow transform avatars via event function. So script is run, when page is loaded. I try find solution to speed bluring avatars.

I change brightness option to max 50, because often users set value to 80-90 and blured avatars are black.
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