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[CHANGELOG] *UPDATED* 7.13.2019 v4.0.2 - Support Center | Forum

JB TECH Apr 26 '18

(most recent changelogs are at the bottom of post #1)

1.0 (4/26/2018):

-Support Center+ added! Tickets, Knowledgebase, AND Oxwall Mobile support!

ver 1.1 (3.1.2 build) (4.27.2018):
-Added 'Ticket Manager' Page
    -Non-admin users who meet the correct role can access this page to reply and manage tickets
    -Useful for site owners who want a mod team but also want to keep the Admin panel off limits

-Ticket list now shows the Department it was submitted to
    -Both on Ticket Manager and Admin Ticket List

-Added JBTech Support Page

-Modified table_ticket to call for the department associated with the ticket

-Updated licensing information

-Re-designed the All tickets page layout

Your Ticket Manager page link by default is www.yoursite.com/support/manage. Be sure to share this with your moderators!

ver 1.2 (build 6 3.2) (5/12/2018):

-Changed 'Ticket Manager' to 'Support Manager'

    -Added ability for selected User Roles to access Support Manager to:

        -View/Edit/Delete tickets

        -Edit, Create, Delete Knowledgebase Articles

-Fixed bug with Mobile Version notifications not going to ticket

-Minor bug fixes

-Fixed text string bugs

ver 1.3 (build 10) (5/14/2018):

New Configuration/Setting:
   -"Email Notifications"

     -If ON, each time a Ticket is replied to, the original ticket creator will also receive a Email statin so with a link to the ticket and the name of the ticket.

     -This works from both the Admin and Support Manager ends

     -Setting can be found under "General" in the plugin settings

     -NOTE: This email sends instantly, which may cause a slight wait in the POST processing time of the ticket reply.

-Changed "manage_tickets" auth group name to "manage"

-Text string updates

ver 2.0 build 13 (5.30.2018)

BIG update!

-Restyled all three Desktop "Ticket View" pages

   -Each page has a design overlift, and now has a "ticket info" sidebar with relevant information about the ticket. Depending on if you're a User or Moderator, the information changes.

 This handy tool now offers all relevant information at a glance, and scrolls with the page so it will always be there to help assist either end in solving a ticket issue. This new sidebar is now where the "Delete Ticket" and "Request Deletion" link are, as well.

-Ticket Info sidebar will work with your mobile responsive theme (if the screen is smaller than 980px based on 16:9 resolution, than the sidebar will become a static block underneath the "reply" form)

-Ticket replies and message info (the date and author of a message) has been re-styled, and now has multiple different colorful borders to help make it easier to read and separate posts

-Email Notification now sends out a customizable text string with three variables you can use: {$username}, {$tick_name}, and {$tick_link}. This is much more cleaner and customizable than the original message, which was a hard-coded HTML message.

-Hotfix added: authenticate exceptions are now thrown on the My Tickets Page, View Ticket Page, and New ticket page. Depending on your settings, you could potentially have non-logged in or registered users submitting tickets.

-New text strings added

-Minor bug fixes, and redacted code not being used

-Added new DB function to get Ticket Departments (used in Ticket Info sidebar)

This update took a good whole day to work on! It has some important features and changes, so make sure you update ASAP!

ver 3.0 build 20 (6.5.2018)

Another big update for Support Center+. Continuing on the trend with re-designing: this time we look at the Main page and Article View page! This will be the last major update for the plugin until it starts to pick up steam and proves to be somewhat profitable.

What's new:

-Re-designed Main page

    -"Support Center" mainpage (/support/) has been redesigned. Each support page now has a navigation menu, alongside the main page have a facelift: a new, page-spread search bar which is more accessible and eye-catching than the old version. The left column is wider, calling more attention to it, with the right column now hosting a generic "Welcome" message explaining the support center (made personal with the user's name and website name). The Ticket box cap remains, and above it is a new "Community Help" box (more details in the new configs).

-Re-designed Article viewing page:

    -New page now usings a wider left column and utilizes a right column for "Recommended Articles" (see the configs in changelog)

    -Page properly separate the Rating stars, and the tags are now stylish buttons rather than text links.

    -Call-to-Action "Share Article" button added (see the configs in changelog)

-Minor layout changes to the /knowledgebase page, adding a "Browse by Tag" column

-4 new configs for the Admin to utilize, which control the 3 new features

  -Help Forum (ON/OFF): this config let's the Admin decide to display a "Community Help" promo on the main support page. If ON, it will display the customizable text string with a link directed to what you set in the next config:

  -Help Forum URL (url input): this simply takes in any url you wish to point to for your "Help Forum." This was a feature I've been wanting to add to Support Center+/

   -Article Sharing (ON/OFF): Admin can decide if the "Share Article" button will display or be hidden on the new Article Viewing page. Currently, the popup box only lets users share to social platforms with AddToAny buttons, but I plan on allowing a "Share to Newsfeed" button for internal traffic

   -Recommended Articles (ON/OFF): Admin can chose to show the new "Recommended Articles" side bar on the new Article Viewing page. Recommended Articles work like so: depending on the article you're reading, the function will grab at most 4 articles that share at least 1 similar category/tag as the current article. The feature becomes more robust the more articles you have. This will help encourage users to continue reading articles to ease the stress of Support Staff having to assist in all matters that may already be answered.

-Minor changes to older textstrings

-Minor bug fixes

-Unused and old codes redacted


Please update as soon as possible to this version for full guarantee of plugin performance. If you have any issues updating or run into problems, contact me.

Thanks, and I'll see you all later!

ver 3.1 (build 22) (7/1/2018):

This quick update makes the plugin 99.9% translatable/text-string ready! Nearly all (if not all of them) of the text strings are ready to be translated and customizable.

-Added text strings for languages not supported in the language file

   -Should be 99.9% text-string based (the drop down options in General settings do not have text strings)

-Fixed styling bugs for Ticket View pages, changing Ticket Text blocks to flex boxes to fit all content, text and photos alike.

-Fixed style bugs with Ticket Info sidebar

-Added Search Bar to the Search Results page for quicker search editing

-Fixed bug with Generic Welcome Label saying "Deleted User" when Guests viewed main support page. Now shows "Guest" when a non-logged user views the page.

ver 3.2 (build 27) (7/2/18):

 Further functionality has come to the plugin for users!

-Added new Admin Config "Knowledgebase Order"

  -Setting sets the default order for the articles list in /knowledgebase page and when browsing by a specific tag

   -User can choose from any of the three options to rearrange their list (Alphabetical, Most Recent, and Top Rated)

-Added Video Embed support for both Support Manager and Admin-end Article creation. You can now include videos in your help-center articles!

-Minor text string fixes

-Minor bug fixes

-Added a fully-translated Japanese language pack (your website needs to have an XML Lang Pack with the language code "JP")

ver 3.2.1 (build 27) (7.3.18):

-Added missing text string for Guest

-Minor bug fixes

ver 3.5.0 (build 30) (7.31.18):

-Added "Add Users to Department" functionality

    -In the "Departments" admin page, click a Department you've made

    -Add the Username of the user you wish to have on the department staff

       -NOTICE: Make sure they're also the user role that can access Support Manager!

    -Admin can add/remove any users by user name

    -Admin can view all the tickets submitted to that Department

    -Admin can view all Staff Users of selected Department

    -User receives notification when they've been added to a Department

    -User will receive new ticket notifications ON SITE for each ticket submitted to their department

-Added more help in the "Help" page with instructions of setting up Support Staff

-Added text-strings

-Minor-bug fixes

-ver 3.5.1 build 31 (8.26.2018):

-Changed Admin/Mods notification URL to lead to the Manage Ticket's View so all mods can access via the Notification

-Updated 'mobile' version's database file

-Mobile "Knowledgebase" page has been changed;

    -Now includes the "Browse by Tag" box and the "Order by" function

-Updated styling on the Article Viewing page on mobile version

-Minor bug fixes

ver 3.5.2 (build 41) (3/23/2019):

-You can now set user role permissions for tickets (auto-allowed to all roles by default)

-You can now set your Knowledgebase feature to be accessed by Guests & Members, or Members only

-Navigation menu no longer displays "My Tickets" for guests

-The box with "Submit Ticket / My Tickets" no longer displays for guests, prompting to sign in

-If Knowledgebase set to "Members Only," all knowledgebase functions will prompt guests to sign in

-Members with the permission "manage" will see a link in their console for the Support Manager:

-These changes apply to the mobile version of Support Center as well

ver 4.0 build 85 (6.29.2019):

- New feature F.A.Q:
    - Admin can set questions/answers in the new Admin-end page FAQ
    - Admin can edit existing questions/answers or delete them
    - In Settings, you must have F.A.Q on for users to access the page
    - F.A.Qs show up at /support/faq
- Added option for Ticket Info Position:
    - Static Above displays the ticket info as a static block before the ticket (for sidebar themes)
    - Or Side (Default) for the standard floating sidebar
- Added option for Purging:
    - Admin can now setup Auto-Purge in the settings
    - This can delete tickets without any activity starting from 1 week, 3 months, or 6 months
    - A manual purge is available as well, in case cron does not work
    - Dates are starting points. E.g; setting to one week will delete all tickets that have no been updated for a week or more.
- Admin Settings page has been re-designed for a more streamlined use
- Added most user-end styles to /css/supportcenter.css for easier style editing
- Bug fixes:
    - Navigation menus are now correctly highlighted
    - Erronous/missing text strings fixed
    - Fixed a bug where users viewing the Support Manager would see all of the tickets
        - This now only shows tickets in that user's department
    - Minor bug fixes
    - Minor style fixes/adjustments


ver 4.0.1 b 90 (6.30.2019):

- Fixed missing icon on all notifications
- Hotfix for Support manager page returning 500 error
- Fixed missing language keys for Manual Purge and Date
- Added 'Updated' column to Support Manager ticket list
- Added checks to Department User functions;
    - Users can only belong to 1 department at a time. If you try to add them to multiple, you will receive an error

    - If a user with the Manager role has not been assigned to a Department yet, they will be denied access to Support Manager

ver 4.0.2 b 95 (7.13.2019):

- Fixed missing icon on notifications for tickets made from mobile version
- FAQ feature (user-end) is now available on the Oxwall Mobile version
- FAQ menu item is added to the bottom of the Oxwall user men
- Minor bug fixes

Please update your plugin for guaranteed, full-functionality and the best possible use of this plugin. If you have any problems or need support, message me!

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